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Money Making Online In 2018

You are among one looking for the ways of money making online in the upcoming year 2018 ? I don’t know really, how long you have been doing this research to start money making from Internet. Or you may be already making few bucks to buy a coffee each month. Believe me, this is what happening to many beginners !

In fact, most of these beginners are still sitting in a dark room and finding the ways for making money without doing any work. I don’t blame anyone but its the reality with most of the people.

  • This article is for those who are in the dark and wants to get out of it, at least in this coming year 2018. In the end of this article, you will be in a clear position to make a good decision (that’s what I expect from my blog too) ! Lets hope for the best and get into the topic…

Truth About Money Making Online.

To frankly tell, there are no hidden secrets or formula in the world to earn money.

All it needs dedication and hard work.

Apart from this basic rule, you need to Invest good amount of Knowledge and Time. If you are reading my blog for the long time, you will know that I always tell people about this.truth

As an individual sitting from home and to make money:

  • First, you have to spend Quality Time with your computer for online works.
  • Secondly, you should know the right approach to proceed with any online business (that’s Knowledge).
  • Investing money is not important here because now-a-days, you could easily start an online business with less investment or even no investment of money at least in the beginning stage.

From my experience/research with online business, as an individual (looking for making money from your home) Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing are the best ways to make money from Internet.

Its true that technology evolves every year. That directly impacts the demand/supply in any business and hence it affects the business strategies too. So we have to go with the technology and trends in-aligned. With that 2018’s changing technology in mind, the following are the list of money making methods that I could think off.

This article is not a static one and I will be keep-on-updating often.

Stay Tuned with me !

Money Making From iPhone/Android App Business.

Smartphone Apps became hot in 2010, 2012,2017 and it continues to grow even bigger in 2018+. Its true that demand for iPhone and Android Apps are high in the market as new models of Gadgets are keep on coming. Its a great business idea to start App development. All you need an unique idea which solves the buyer problem so that your App gets huge download.

The best part, if the App solves the user problem, its a definite hit in the market.sell-apps

So how do you make money from such Apps ?

You have to develop such applications and sell them on App Stores, that’s the business.

The requirements are an idea, App programming knowledge (not mandatory – you can even hire a developer from freelancing web sites), skills to market, less money in hand.

To help you further on this, you could read my free course on how to make money from Android App. This industry is still booming up and you could fit into the gaps sooner.

  • You can also check a paid course, I am exploring some of the best courses on the web – will update here soon.

My Work: I have developed Android Apps (so far 5+ Apps) and they are listed on the Google Play store – its kind of passive income that comes every time without doing much work.

One of App crossed 100K+ downloads, other two received ~50K downloads.

I am also looking for a simple problem solving idea, for my new App.

Social Media Promotion.

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter are up in the market especially, facebook which crossed several billion users. Google’s Plus which already surpassed billion users as of today. That’s the great sign of growth in social media industry every year. When rightly utilized, you could easily make money from these tools.social-media-763731_640

  • If I tell you the truth, you have to build a huge number of followers/fans around your account.
  • For example, if you are using Twitter you have to build huge number of followers (real human followers) who are all related to a market/topic. The exact count could not be defined but it should be in thousands !
  • Similarly, if create a facebook page – build it to have thousands of fans.

Unless you have a huge network, you could not utilize the power of social media tools. Once such a network is ready, its the platform to market your business/products to a wider audience in a particular topic. You could promote affiliate products as well as your own business to that quality audience.

  • When people say about social media success, it solely stands the volume and quality (targetness) of your network. So work towards building such huge network, otherwise its waste of time.
  • You can promote products from Amazon (join to Amazon Associates) or any other vendor – by simply posting the product links/images to your huge followers.

Digital Product Stores.

Internet users are increasing every day, especially “Online Buyers” on every country. The population of online buyer is also increasing and buyers are focusing more on the digital products online. Starting from Smartphones, Tablets, Digital Cameras, Wearables to digital eBooks there are huge demand always in the market.digital-products

Though the industry of selling digital products online is highly competitive, there are gaps and opportunities. Yes, as I mentioned earlier technology evolves and hence the market gets new variety of products every day. Your focus should go into such booming markets.

Build niche stores and sell digital products from Amazon, that’s the profitable business which works. It takes time to build a niche store but once done, you could repeat the same business model for another niche. Also, don’t try to sell every thing, instead pick a particular digital product, build a niche (topic specific) web site only for that product and promote it.

  • To help you further, you could follow my steps to create your blog and then start promoting digital products from your blog.

My Work: Earlier I owned a Gadgets blog, where I used to publish reviews of famous digital products. Amazon Associates was the major source of income.

Money Making From Blogging.

Blogging is one the strongest recommendation for making money online. Its endless and only thing, you have to keep your blog evolving.

  • The style of blogging and blogosphere had changed, when you compare with earlier style of static web sites. Ultimately, the underlying principle of sharing content still remains. Internet is built around links and content, without content Internet is dead and hence the demand for content is always there.

If you are a beginner, I recommend you to start a blog, especially on your favorite topic [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=”yes” overflow=”visible”][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type=”1_1″ background_position=”left top” background_color=”” border_size=”” border_color=”” border_style=”solid” spacing=”yes” background_image=”” background_repeat=”no-repeat” padding=”” margin_top=”0px” margin_bottom=”0px” class=”” id=”” animation_type=”” animation_speed=”0.3″ animation_direction=”left” hide_on_mobile=”no” center_content=”no” min_height=”none”][follow my steps here].blogging-for-money

There are numerous blogs coming every day but the question, do all blogs make money? do all bloggers win?

Only less than 5% of them survey, many loose their interest and quit blogging.

Even I took 2 years break and resumed it all again in the mid of 2016.

Because it takes time, you have to build a blog with high quality information, you have to market it inside-out !

For lazy fellows, close this page and don’t read it – because it takes lot of hard work to build a successful blog – you won’t survey.

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My Work: I trashed all my smaller blogs those where were created, specially to make some quick money. 

As of today, I am focusing only on BlashO.com and also, the products/Apps that I built around them.

WordPress Themes/Utilities (for web developers).

WordPress is one of the best Content Management System for blogs and it gives opportunities to make money too, by selling Themes and Plugins. With the increasing number of WordPress blogs, the demand for WordPress is very high.

Before that, it is required that you must have web programming knowledge specially on HTML, CSS, PHP. If you are already a web developer then you could host a website and start sharing you WordPress themes/plugins that you develop. Over a period of time, you could develop your own premium themes and plugins which you can sell for huge profits.themes-plugin-design

How to fill the gap in such markets ? By focusing to a particular geographic location you could fill it.

For example: you could focus your WordPress business/service only to your own country ! On the other hand, if you don’t have programming experience, there are options to hire developers from web sites like Upwork, Elance etc. (hence you don’t really need to be a web developer) !

My Work:

  • I have developed a WordPress plugin, AffiLinker – I promote it through BlashO only.
  • I also developed a free plugin which helps to clean spam comments in your WordPress blog.

I am scaling-it-up them a bigger way!

Freelancing Jobs.

For individuals who are looking an extra income, freelancing is the best choice. For those who don’t know, Freelancers are virtual workers who get hired from web sites like Upwork and get paid for the work done.

  • Basically, its about selling your own knowledge and experience.

freelancer-working-for-moneyJob opportunities are like: Data entry operator, software developer, web designer, graphics designer, content writer etc. Once joined, you have to make a decent profile showing your work experiences in order to get hired from online employers. You will be paid-per-hour basis as well as based on the completion of assigned works.

  • Its a Work and Earn Model where you will earn money for the virtual office work, same like real world office.

The success depends on, how much Quality Time you spend for the freelancing jobs and how well you are completing the assigned jobs. The demand for online workers are always high and it continues to be high at 2018 or even beyond year 2020 !

My Work: I tried freelancing in my earlier stage however, I was not able to spend lot of time – hence it quit – started building web sites and Apps.

Today I love to work on my passion only.

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Making Money From Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves selling products online and earning commission for each sale. It continues to be one of the best way of making money online for years and even till the end of Internet, I believe.start-affiliate-marketing

  • Digital products are evolving based on the demand in market as well what people are looking more ? But the underlying concept of affiliate marketing remains.
  • Similarly, how do you promote the product is changing every year ? with the underlying concept of affiliate marketing remains the same.

As mentioned earlier social media tools like Twitter, Facebook are going to be utilized. All you need to have the brighter knowledge of Internet marketing as well as promotional strategies which works for the long term.

  • To simply narrate: You need to find profitable product which has demand in the market with less/moderate competition + driving targeted buyer traffic to your landing page which converts.

My Work: I promote affiliate products from all my blogs and it is one of the major source of income.

Now-a-days, I am more focused on my blog’s topic and promoting very specific products only.

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  • Not enough methods/suggestions ? To help people like you, I have compiled another extra large article which tells you more than 25+ Money Making Tips (don’t miss it) !

As I mentioned earlier, in this blog I always recommend the 3 best methods for making money (esp. to beginners): Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Freelancing. I have written a simple article which compares them and it helps you to take further decisions.

Always keep in mind that money making from Internet is not a simple task and whatever method I suggested here are all “Not a Quick Rich Scheme”.

You have to study a lot, understand the real steps and finally, you have to sit and work.

To see the results and it takes time. Keep your expectations lesser, come out of that dark room, focus towards learning new things and work on it.

If you work consistently, success comes to your leg and you will be making money online in 2018 and even beyond !