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Impossibilities of Money Making Online For Beginners


Money making online is the dream of a beginner who heard first thing about “online business”. Beginners are bound to mistakes. At the same time, when they get to know about the opportunities available in Internet for making money, they are mostly out of their own control.

The very first thing, they want to suddenly make money. Its all because of the “Curiosity”, people are getting about online business.

In reality, online businesses are same like real world business.

  • It needs investment.
  • It needs dedication.
  • It needs hard work.
  • It needs planning.

Without doing any work, you could not make a single coin !

This article is to help those beginners who heard about “online business” and now suddenly, looking to make money…I will summarize you the list of “impossibilities” or in other word “mistakes” of the beginner. Knowing the impossibilities will help you to understand, what do you really “need” in making money online ?

Working Without Knowledge.

The most important thing required for an individual beginner to run/operate an online business is Knowledge. Think, if you are starting a real world business, definitely, you must need the basic business knowledge right ? Like, how to start ? where to start ? and how to proceed the business ?

Similarly, for an online business you must gain that knowledge first. Its not like, you start today and you will become a millionaire tomorrow. You must gain knowledge first.

Now you could ask, where to gain that online business knowledge ? There are many resources available already in Internet on this topic (you could search), to help beginners i have formalized few short courses. Out of those, Start Up Online Business is the one which i recommend you to read now.

Not Investing Time Online.

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You are not alone...
You are not alone…

Time is also important for an individual. Everyone’s life style varies. You may be working in a day job already. You want to work with an online business. Now you need additional time for your new business.

Generally, beginners don’t care much and they take things simpler. Its not the right way. You should think your online business same like the real world business and be serious. Even if you want to do this as hobby, just be serious with your online works.

You must spend quality time.

Now you could ask, how much time do i have to spend online ? For my own experience, i would say 1-2 hours per day is well enough to operate a small scale business online.

Don’t Want To Work But I Need Money.

As i mentioned earlier, beginners are more curious about online business. They want to instantly make money. Even i have seen many people, who just start a blog today and they expect to make money the next day. I am getting mails from real people’s who are expecting that to happen soon.

Keep in mind, without doing any work, you could not achieve anything here. At least not hard work, you have to work smarter for making money online.

The amount of work that you invest and the right steps that you took, decides the income. Keep expectations aside. First understand, want exactly you have to work for making money and do the same in right way.

Now you could ask, tell me what is the work i have to for making money ?┬áLets see…

Shortcuts For Money Making Online ?

As far as i know, there are no hidden secrets to earn online. It requires you to sit & work. At the same time, don’t get into scam hands. There are many offers or programs there in Internet which promises you to make $10000 in one day. But that never happens to you.

Don’t waste your money on such “get rich schemes” and also, they waste your time.

Belief in yourself, learn the work, do it and earn money…

Now Tell me, Few Suggestions….

Yes, of course. I would give you plenty of suggestions but to keep it simple, i would say the following are the 3 best methods for an individual to earn online:

  • They are: Blogging, Affiliate Marketing & Freelancing…

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  1. I tried to write a comment earlier but it was erased, so here it goes again.

    I’m a newbie and I’m discovering that having a business online and making more are difficult and it does involve hard work and persistence. I believe that its much harder than having a regular 9-5 job.

    Thank you for this article and this site. Your articles have helped me a lot. I’ve had several epiphanies from the information that you’ve provided here. Thank you so much and keep up the good work.


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