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Money Making Mobiles – New Ways of Making Money With Mobiles Phone


Mobile Phones are part of everyone’s life and pocket. We are all using mobile phones for communication and entertainments. Now you could use your mobile for making money.

Yes, its true now-a-days more number of mobile entrepreneurs are evolving and they are really turning their mobile phone into an income stream. I would like to share you the few ways that I read about this mobile phones usage for earning income.

Its the iPhone era. iPhone is the smartest phone introduced by Apple that includes a pocket pc and all the multimedia stuffs from ipod to digi cameras. That too includes Internet connectivity. Not only Apple’s iPhone there are numerous pocket pcs evolving in the market and also most of the normal mobiles are Java enabled. Hence they are rich in applications that allows the mobile user to do anything from making an online purchase to file sharing.

So this gives the opportunity for individuals and companies to setup their software oriented business with mobile phones. So if you are software programmer then you could start developing applications for mobile phones and you have to sell the applications.

Now the question is what kind of application and how to sell them ? Is that really works out ? Is this idea really works ? I know you may ask so many questions like that. But this works good if you are innovating something new.

Steve, a 29 year old person wrote a mobile application that helps the mobile user to find out the nearest Pizza store. This application became hit accross UK and he became a millionare. Similarly, Nicholas an American who wrote a mobile gaming application that earned him more than $500K in just 5 months.

The list goes with many, check out this mobile article here released by TimesOnline. Definitely you have to believe me. So start developing useful & unique brand new mobile applications helps you to build you own income stream (this is for software programmers).

What is the way for non-technical persons ? Don;t worry, another way is here.

The work is simple, you have to register with SMS Advertisers first. You will be paid for reading SMS Ads. The advertiser sends SMS Ads related to some products, promotions, discounts etc. to your mobile. You will be paid for each advertisements that you are receiving in your mobile. Looks they are paying upto $0.10 for each SMS Ads you receive. The idea here is, the advertiser wants to broadcast the Ads to the public and they are paying money for those who are ready to read the Ads.

Some of the SMS advertising sites that I found on Google are Demandby.com, efm.co.in etc.

But I am not sure how long this method works. If you know more or other methods you could share the comments below. That may help others to take a good decision to start something with their mobile phones.  🙂


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