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Money Making By Effective Utilization of Hubpages An Example


Hubpages is one of best article sharing web site and its not just an article sharing site but you could make money too. Interestingly, with hubpages you could write on variety of topics (almost all the categories are available). I would say, its an Online Information Portal where you could find many useful tips and tricks on many things.

Recently, i have started using hubpages for build links to my blog as part of my new promotional strategies. We have already discussed about Tips for hubpages marketing and that article definitely helps new hubbers, have a look of it. Now this article is for those who want to earn a decent income using hubpages. Keep in mind that as hubpages are revenue sharing sites, you could not make huge income like industries leading professional bloggers but nearly a decent figure.

An Example HubPage Which Made More Than ~1K$ Per Year.

Today, i came across a hub written by Ryankett, where he shares statistics of hubpages growth and earnings. Especially, he shared about everything from the day he started hubs and till date, how he is making money using amazon affiliates as well as using Google Adsense. Lets see few insights, on how he made this into reality ?

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hubpages statistics
See the traffic growth...

Traffic is major source online income. The amount of traffic that you drive to your hubpage decides the income. See the below data shared which shows that in a year, the hub reached to ~15,000 visitors.

Ultimately, your goal should be driving more traffic which “directly” makes you money. Especially, if you see the transition from 2nd quarter to 3rd quarter, there is a huge increase in traffic. And the increase in traffic flies tremendously. With these number of visitors, how much he earned ? And what are the major income sources ?

Hubpages Earning Sources.

Hubpages have Amazon Affiliate integrated and its very simple to pull in Amazon’s Products. The commission from Amazon is not high, when compared to other industries leading platforms like clickbank, CJ etc. But the quality of hubpages makes it natural to drive more sales, that’s the professional look and feel of hubpages.

Interestingly, i gone through the hub and found that there are nearly ~400 articles written and topic stands out there. Yes, many of the hubs are written about Laptops, electronic gadgets etc. This way, all the hubs are “Contextually Linked” to Amazon digital products. This is one of the best example of contextual affiliate promotion. I like that very much and that’s the truth, i believe.

Apart from Amazon affiliates, Adsense is the major source of income. The amount of growth in Adsense income compared to months grow in double, i mean increased by more than 50% every month. That’s natural with PPC Ads, if traffic increases your CTR increases. His hub had earned $1000+ in a year which is not a huge income but with hubpages is extremely a better revenue.

Background on Making This Money.

What’s the background of these earnings ? Answer: Content Generation and SEO.

“Consistently” in content generation plays a major role on web sites business. On seeing Ryankett hub rate, per month he had written ~25 hubs(on average) and upto maximum of ~48 hubs per month. Second comes the SEO, in terms of writing content specially favored for search engines.

  • Hub Titles must be unique, do a research on Google Keyword Tool and also, search the keyword on Google. See how the occupency ? If you find less competition for those keywords then you could use them. Popular keywords + lesser competition = Profitable keywords.
  • Hub Length matters too. He had written articles of length not less than 800 words. The recommendation from Ryankett is write 1000+ words and keep the length of hubs as long as possible. (but i don’t agree on this, because “Quality of Content” matters than “Quantity”).
  • Creating dofollow backlinks is one of the better way of gaining search engines authority. He utilized shetoldme.com as well as snipsly.com to build backlinks, these are Adsense revenue sharing & dofollow bookmarking sites (you could earn on every bookmark).
  • Few more tips are like: effectively adding popular tags, shows the RSS to hub readers, creative articles which directly brings in targeted visitors (like using the word “buy” in title, i like this approach) and keeping the hubs highly readable.

Here is the hub…


Finally, from my point of view, hubpages are “Best Internet Marketing Tool” and especially, it helps to build backlinks as well as redirecting traffic to your blog. At the same time, it has the opportunity to make money that’s totally upto your own interest. If you are not already running a blog then you could utilize hubpages for making money. At the same time, if you have a blog already then you could utilize hubpages as a marketing tool + earn few more to your pocket ![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]



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