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How To Turn Your Photography Hobby Into Money ?


There are numerous ways to turn your hobby into money. Over Internet the opportunities are limitless, if you search Google you will definitely find lot of advices explaining about the several methods to earn from your home. Basically, it all depends on your own interests and hobby. I love to write on my blogs, I also turned that hobby into an income source. I am not a photography expert but I am an expert to guide you on how to turn your photograph hobby into money that too online.

Internet is all about content not limited to text: Photos, Videos are highly popular than text. If you can click cool photos, you can definitely turn them into cash.  I am speaking about Shutterstock, a website where you can sell your photos. You don’t need any marketing skills to start.

Only thing you have to do is take your camera, click photos, upload to Shutterstock – earn per download.

How It Works ?

  • Register with Shutterstock.com and it is free to join, takes few minutes only.
  • Once your free account is ready, take some catchy photos with your camera. Or you can use your existing photos.
  • Upload the photo to Shuttershock – that’s the job. Your photo has the potential to earn upto 30% per download.

There are lot of people who need your photos, they may want to show it on their advertisements or websites. Shutterstock is the place where they search for creative photos. People download from it. For every download, you will be paid money. You will get upto 30% per download. Interesting Right !

Here is the earnings table from Shutterstock:

Earnings per download
On Demand
On Demand
(Any Size)
Single/Two Image On Demand
& Any Products Not Listed
$0 – $500 $0.25 $0.81 $1.88 $28.00 20% of sale price received (up to $80)*
$500 – $3,000 $0.33 $1.07 $2.48 $28.00 25% of sale price received (up to $100)*
$3,000 – $10,000 $0.36 $1.17 $2.70 $28.00 28% of sale price received (up to $112)*
$10,000 + $0.38 $1.24 $2.85 $28.00 30% of sale price received (up to $120)*
* Or more, based on sale price received. refer here

Looks like, Shuttershock pays you by cheque or by paypal. Calculate, how much you will earn if you upload 10 such photos. The deciding factor is that “quality of photo”. More the quality and interesting your photo, you will get more downloads and hence you could earn more. All you have to simply click your camera.

You are a photography expert and I don’t need to advice you. Apply your creativity, that makes all to happen.

Go, take your camera, spend your hobby time useful.

Note: You can also create a blog about photography and make more profits online.

If you are interested, you can start reading my home page.


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