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Money & Knowledge | How Do You Make Money From Your Own Knowledge ?


Money and Knowledge are interrelated much in business. Knowledge plays a major role in business and in making profits intelligently. It is true that Knowledge is Power and Wealth for everyone. Without proper knowledge, you could not do any task well and good in this world. Even when you want to make money from Internet you need the proper knowledge. Its one of the major factor of individual in online businesses.

First, What Knowledge You Have ?

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Knowledge Is Power
Knowledge Is Power

First of all, if you are looking for income sources online, you must have the knowledge of  “what knowledge” you have already ? List down your knowledge related to anything from business to personal. The opportunities that Internet had created for making money as an individual is huger. Its highly correlated to your knowledge. Its confusing right ?

  • For example, if you are working on a regular day then definitely, you will be a master in that job. Say, you are working with a web design company as a web designer. So “web designing” is a knowledge here. Got it ?

Similarly, list down your knowledge’s first and see the below list of methods on how do you utilize your knowledge to make money ?

How To Make Money From Knowledge ?

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a many opportunities for individual to make money from Internet. All you need, proper knowledge and time to work online. You don’t need much more resources, just a computer with Internet connection in your home is well enough. Okay, lets see such major opportunities…

Freelancing Jobs.

Freelancing is method of working for Virtual Offices online. There are web sites where you could join as a freelancer and sell your Knowledge. Based on your profile and work experience, you will get job offers. Say, for a web designer he/she will get jobs related to web site designing and the completed work should be submitted back to them. Based on the working hours and the completion, you will be paid.

Writing/Publishing Your Knowledge.

Don’t worry, if freelancing sites are not offering any jobs to you. You could make money by just writing or sharing your knowledge to others. That’s Blogging. You could host a blog easily and all you have to do, write useful articles periodically on a particular topic that you have in-depth knowledge. Over a period of time, say after 3-6 months, your blog will become an information resource and attracts visitors. It makes you money by running advertisements and selling products. Its one of the best method, it takes time and you have to sit n work harder.

Provide Online Business Service.

The best way to utilize your Knowledge is opening your own business service. Based on your expertise/confidence in your knowledge, you could set up an online service house and you will get hired for work, money. You have to set up a blog or web site and write about your achievements, knowledge and work experience. When people need your help, they will hire you and once you complete the work, you will get paid.

The success of this business is purely on your own hands and you don’t need to dependent on others for anything. Few of the instant examples of online business services.

LinkedIn is one of the best social network to market your Profile and to get Job offers !

  • Web Design Service – Demand for web designer is higher always and at the same time, there are much more competition too. You have to stay unique with your profile in order to attract good number of customers.
  • SEO Service – Similarly, SEO service providers are in demand and there are not many successful providers. If you are an SEO expert, you could definitely get into this kind of business. Focusing to specific geographic location (say, services for USA or India or UK specifically) may bring in good results.
  • Online Consultation – If you are a person with kind of business knowledge and experience then you could open a consultation service. Definitely, you must be experienced hand so that you could give business ideas and advices to other business starters who are in need of your Knowledge. Learn how to start a consulting business ?

These are few of the methods to make money from your own knowledge and experiences. Internet had wider scope for everyone provided you are knowledgeable and able to spend quality Time for the online work.

Good Luck !



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