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8 Steps For Making Money From Internet Using Freelance


A freelancer is the one who works with multiple employers for money. Freelancing is one of the famous method of making money from Internet. Because, it involves investment of your own Knowledge & Time. The amount of income depends on the kind of job that you select and the number of hours you work for an employer.

Lets focus towards those simple freelance steps.

Step 1: Finding Time To Work Online.

Time the most important factor in freelancing. Becoming a freelancer requires Time to work online. It depends on the individual lifestyle. You may be occupied with a day job or you may be doing a part-time job or you may be sitting idle in your home. The idea is simple, if you have Time to work online then you could earn money well. The flexibility is, work at anytime !

First, decide how much time you could spend every day for freelancing ? If you are able to spend at least 1-2 hours then go to next step. Otherwise, you are not suitable for freelancing.

Step 2: Finding Your Knowledge.

You have decided the Time and now its Knowledge. What do you know ? What’s your knowledge ? In general, following are the categories where you will get a freelance job.

  • Software Programming
  • Writing
  • Translation
  • Administration Support
  • Web Designing
  • Multimedia
  • Customer Service etc.

If your knowledge falls into any of these categories then you are in demand.

Step 3: Joining A Freelance Site.

Where to join ? is the real confusion for beginners. There are many freelancing web sites and you don’t know which one is legitimate. Few of the famous web sites are Elance.com, Odesk.com, Rentacoder.com. You could start your freelancing career from any of these sites and generally its free to join. They are true in payments.

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Lets Freelance Yourself
Lets Freelance Yourself

Step 4: Creating Your Profile.

Once joined, you have to create a profile which involves showing information about yourself like skill set, strengths, work experiences etc. You have to “sell yourself” through Profiles. A strong profile is the one which exactly matches the employers requirement. So write everything you know & your work experiences related to the domain, thinking employers in mind.

Step 5: Add Value To Your Profile.

As you are about to sell yourself, be ready with everything in your profile. I have seen many of these freelancing sites are conducting Tests. Find out what are tests suites your knowledge ? Take them and get good scores. This actually helps you to increase your Rating/Credits and employers may feel good about you in hiring.

Step 6: Hunt For 1st Job.

Its time to hunt for a job. The most toughest part of freelancing is getting your first job. Because employers are always interested to select experienced people. They are investing money. That’s the reason, you have to create a stronger profile. Once you got your first job, you could easily get multiple jobs from different employers. Generally, freelance sites have the option to specify your expected cost-per-hour. See what others are quoting and start with a lower amount for first few jobs, you could increase your quote slowly.

Step 7: Diversifying Freelancer Income.

I have written a wonderful article on diversifying freelancer income which definitely helps you to tweak your freelancing career. You should understand that freelancing involves continuous tweaking of yourself, your knowledge, your time, how you complete a job, how you are satisfying the employer and much more. Keep your learning curve up.

Step 8: Get Your Hard Earned Money.

We are in the end and i hope that you have understood these simple steps for freelancing. Freelance success depends on how well you are managing Time & applying your Knowledge to complete the jobs. I would say, Freelancing is a perfect method of making money from Internet either part-time or full-time !

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