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Making Money from Skype Affiliate Program – Review


Surprisingly, here is a way for making money from Skype Affiliate Program. Skype, the well know instant messaging service provides you to make free calls and video calls over the Internet. And skype is running an affiliate program that gives opportunity to blog or website owners to make money. This article is a review or an introduction to this affiliate program.

What you have to do is sign up as an affiliate and earn commissions up to 25% for each purchase. The best thing is joining skype affiliate program is absolutely free. No joining fees. In actual, skype had joined hands with leading affiliate partners to make the work simpler on both sides.

How To Start Money Making from Skype ?

Joining the skype affilate program involves very simple steps.

1) Selecting the suitable affiliate partner for you. Skype’s partners are CommissionJunction, TradeDouble, ValueCommerce and A8. I suggest you to go for CommissionJunction.

2) Register if you don;t have an account with CJ (its free) or you could use your existing login.

3) Create the links to skype products. Skype provides ready made links and cool banners for promotion. They have the link builder that helps you to customize the links and banner that suits best for your site.

4) After creating the banner, you have to place them your blog or website. Don;t forget to place the links or banner in the hot spot of your site.

5) Now whenever, a visitor clicks on the banner and if he buys a product from skype’s site, you could earn money in terms of commission. Skype pays upto 25% commision for each sale made through your site.

6) Also, skype provides the tracking options to find out whats happening with your affiliate program. You could find the information like impressions, number of clicks, purchased amount, CTR (click Through Rate) and the commission earned.

What are the products offered by skype ?

  • Skype Credit – Helps to make phone, mobile calls from skype.
  • Online Numbers – A call to personal Internet number.
  • Hardware Products – Like webcams, wifi, headphones etc.

The commission rate varies for each products, just check commission rates here.

How To Promote the Skype Sale ?

The best way to promote sale of electronic products is by reviewing the skype products.

  1. Start writing reviews about the skype products in your site.
  2. Provide useful and quality information about skype products from both positive and negative sides.
  3. Highlight the standout features of skype and try build a trust with your visitors. Building trust is required to convert the visitors into customers for any online business.
  4. Embeded the affiliate links on these review pages. This calls the visitors to make a purchase from your affiliate link or banner. Keep in mind, a call to action is always required in marketing a product.
  5. For all these steps 1 to 4 to work out, you must need a better traffic to your site.
  6. Don;t worry if you don;t have a site or blog with good traffic. You could do public posting in article sites like hubpages.com, squidoo.com to get instant traffic. In your article, put the affiliate links and promote the products for sale.

Money Making Idea For Lazy Peoples.

If you are too lazy for doing all these things, join skype first and then join Google Adwords or Yahoo Publisher Network and run pay-per-click advertising campaign. This automatically drives targeted traffic to your affiliate link. But you need to invest some amount money for these kind of promotions. This works better if you are doing in the right way. It needs to build effective and cheaper keywords for your Ad campaign to succeed.

One interesting fact about this program, you have the 90-referral period. That means, if a visitor clicks on your banner today and buys a skype product after 10 days then also you will receive the commission from skype. As I told before, Skype is a well known brand and trustful vendor to join.

Join Skype affiliate program and see how it works for you !


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