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8 Steps For Making Money From Internet Using Affiliate Marketing


As part of the series of making money from Internet will see about Affiliate Marketing now. I have written many articles about affiliate marketing in the past and today, I want to explain it simpler to understand especially for beginners.

From this series: 8 Steps For Making Money From Internet Using Blogs

One of the easy to start and simple to operate online business is affiliate marketing.

  • You may have to invest money for advertisement, it either gives you profit or loss. When operated through right steps and repeated experiments, your affiliate business may make huge profits. <= Advertisements through Google Adwords or Facebook Ads.
  • Also, you can sell affiliate products directly from your blog. <= I follow this approach in BlashO

Let’s see those clear and simple steps for making money using affiliate marketing especially written for beginners.money

Step 1: What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is the method of selling others product/service and earning commissions. The earning depends on the product that you select and the amount of commission you receive for each sale.

Your work as an affiliate marketer is selecting a product and to sell it. It really easy to sell on the Internet.

To understand further learn the basics of affiliate marketing.

Step 2: Where To Start?

Don’t worry, you don’t need to invest a huge money to start an affiliate business.

There are affiliate networks which have the list of products available for promotion. You have to join the network and pick any products.

Amazon Associates is one of the best and easy to understand the network, especially for beginners.

Further, you can also register with direct affiliate programs offered by product owners (examples like – web hosting affiliate from SiteGround or premium WordPress Themes/Plugins from Themeforest etc.)

I have a great list of programs here.

Step 3: Identify Market Demand.

Because this a business which involves market/product/sales, you must analyze the market demand.

Tools like Google Planner is enough to find demand.

This analysis is based on the volume of search happening on Google. A market with high demand will have higher competition & it is good enough to select a moderately demanding market or based on your own interest.

List down the markets/topics/products that you find demanding or interesting.

Step 4: How To Select Affiliate Product?

After registering with a program, you will be given with an account (username & password – you may have to fill the tax form also).

In case of Amazon, you have to search for products. Enter the same keywords that you listed in the previous step & look for available products. Select 1 or 2 products which add value to the buyer. Keep in mind, only a quality product which solves a problem will make you good sales.

You will be given an affiliate link (referral link) and now you have to drive traffic/visitors to that link.

Step 5: Making Money via Paid Methods.

Once you got the affiliate link, create a blog with a link to that Amazon product page or create a free signup form using Mailchimp in order to capture the visitor’s e-mail id. Then Simply go to Google Adwords.

Register and get an account (it costs very less to join). Log in and create an advertisement. Your Ad carries a link and it appears on search engines (have might have seen those “Sponsored Links” or “Ads” on the top/side while searching on Google). You have to map keywords to the advertisement so that it will appear for a particular keyword when the user performs a search.

You should work better with Ads CTR.

For example, few keywords are “buy finance book”, “download finance book” etc. in case if you are selling finance books.

Alternatively, you can create a facebook page and advertise it through Facebook Ads.

Google Ads, Facebook Ads won’t allow any affiliate links, hence it is a good idea to create a landing page with E-Mail capture using Mailchimp for free. Later, you can send continuous marketing emails to your subscribers “about the product” and how them to “solve their problem”.

Frankly, I tried these methods during the early days and failed.

Later, I started focusing on creating my own products and building an authority blog like BlashO.

Step 6: Making Money via Free Methods.

Instead of spending money on advertisements, you can create a blog self-hosted using WordPress (you have to spend little in order to choose an appropriate web hosting provider).

From your blog, you can easily promote the affiliate products.

All you need to understand how to write and drive traffic to your blog.

This is a slow and passive way of making money.

I personally use AffiLinker WordPress plugin to manage affiliate links in BlashO and also, to track it.

Step 7: Importance of Keywords.

In affiliate marketing, keywords are more important.

Because either you follow the paid method or free method to sell the product, you have to select wiser keywords.

Keywords decide the source of visitors coming to you. Keywords should exactly reflect, “how visitors do the search on Google?”.

So keep visitors in mind and select keywords.

Step 8: Repeat the Steps.

You are done.

Now you understood about affiliate marketing.

You have to repeat these steps to sell multiple products (either from a single authority blog or using multiple niche blogs).

Be patient and keep working.

Good Luck.


  1. Nice share, i recently started an affiliate website after joining the amazon affiliate program. I have started a niche website on a product. I even bought a neat looking review theme. Now the problem is how do i spread the website among people who are interested in buying that product? any ideas or suggestion…? i understand there is a strategy called SEO but that all looks strange to me…I have read some of your articles on using twitter for spreading the blog, but does it really work for affiliate sites? what is one strategy that you think really works for affiliate sites and you do it for all of your “new” affiliate sites?

    • Add a lot more unique content to your site (related to those affiliate products), that’s the best way to get free traffic.

      Otherwise, make use of paid traffic sources from Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.


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