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Making Money From eHow by Joining Writer Compensation Program


eHow.com the well known website that has tonnes of useful articles. It covers any topic from Arts to Internet with the most famous “How To” articles. Anyone could write for eHow and you could make money from eHow. All you have to do is join their Writer Compensation Program, write and publish articles on eHow. You will be paid.

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How To Do Just About Everything !
How To Do Just About Everything !

Steps To Start Making Money From eHow.

1) First create an eHow account here. You have to just select a Member Name, Password, E-mail address and your day of birth. You could add some bit of information about you in your profile !

2) Once you joined eHow community, you have to sign up for Writer Compensation Program.

3) Now your eHow account is ready, you could start publishing articles.

4) Select a topic that you are interested to write from anything like business to fashion.

5) Publish a How To article, if you solve a problem and give the solution in steps then that will be best eHow article.

6) Be the first person to publish a solution for a problem (that means, don’t rewrite the existing same old stories) ! This way, you article drives more search engine traffic. Generally, eHow article ranks good and catches the first place in search engines (esp, Google). Try to search for any information related to “how to” in Google, you will know this funda !

7) Useful eHow article gets more traffic and that gives more money.

8) Read the writing guidelines published by eHow first, you should not get dismissed from the program by violating their guidelines

9) Payment will be made through paypal account and the minimum pay out is 10$ for a month.

10) NOTE: Only US residents are eligible to join the writer compensation program. In future, eHow may open up the opportunity for non-US residents too.

Some More Useful Resources on eHow.

  • eHow FAQ page, that answers bunch of question everything related to eHow and their compensation program.
  • How to write good eHow articles ?

So don’t wait, join eHow, write useful articles and start making money ![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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