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Making Money By Selling Domain Names That Are Hot, Valuable And Demand


Selling domain name is one of the hottest Internet business. Statistics says, about 90% of words in English are already used for domain naming the websites. So its really tough to find the single word domains. The next level of targeting is the double word domains.

What you have to do ? Look for good domain names that are not already registered by somebody. Register it in your name. The one that you are registering today will make you money in the future.

How much domain name costs to register ? I believe, you could easily register domain names from $1.99, $10 or even more.

The work here is very simple. Search and search for the unused domain names and register it in your name. Thats It. Now the question is Where to sell domain names ? There are lot of websites offering ways to sell domain names. Most of them are auction or bidding based sale. So you could register there, add your domain names for sale. Anyone looking for that particular domain name will buy from you. Because domain names are more important for the success of a website, at sometime your domain name will be a demand for some body.

Do you believe this really works ? Yes, this works 100%. Just now I saw a domain named as electricians.us which was sold by a person for $2550. Thats a great job, right ? So it looks like you could make a decent income from this method.

As I told before, its nearing 90% of the english words are registered as domain name, the competition is very high. You have to target the next level of domain names.

Here are the few tips for catching effective, valuable & demanding domain names.

1) First level, give a try for the single word domains. Take your english dictionary and check whether it is available for you. If you are able to find single word domain names then you thats a piece of cake. Register it, without any questions ? But look for the value of the word too.

For example, the domain name “car.com” is more valuable than something like “specific.com”.

2) Now target the double word or triple word domain names. Decide a topic and circle around that to find related double or triple words. You could find more number of names because the permutation and combination here would be more.

3) As I told before, always look for the value of the name that you are choosing.

4) short names are most preferable than lengthy names. You know the maximum length of a domain name could be 63 characters.

5) Give importance to .com, .net, .org domain names because these are demanding the most.

6) Don’t restrict to dot com, you could go across country specific domain names too. Like .in, .us, .ca, .co.uk etc. This may feeds you the future.

7) Registering 1 or 2 valuable names is better than registering 10 worst domain names. So keep the focus on the demand & value.

8) You could use a hyphen ‘-‘ between words to register multiple word domains. For example, you can’t get a domain name like “football.com” but you may get a one like “foot-ball.com“.

9) Avoid using numbers in domain names. Usually, people won’t prefer numbers but they may prefer a ‘-‘ to some extent.

Following these tips would help you to select the best and hot domain names that sells. I found an article on How to make money selling domain names ? which has much more useful information about selling domain names.

Some best places to Sell Domain Names.

  • Sedo – Buy, Sell, Appraise and Auction Domain Names.
  • Great Domains – Premium Domain Auctions and Domain Parking Program.
  • NamePros – Buy, Sell, Discover Domain Names
  • Afternic – Domain Name Search: Buy, Sell, Resell, Park & Purchase .

Have great experience in selling domain names.

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