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4 Steps For Making Money From Internet by Self Publishing eBooks


Are you a great writer ? Do you have writing habit ? If yes then you are qualified to write your own ebook. Internet had made life simpler in many forms and even for writers. Those days are gone, you don’t need to carry a bunch of papers in hand. You don’t need to look for publishers. You don’t need to die hard to get approved for publishing. That’s why i told Internet had made life simpler.

Self publishing an ebook is simpler and easier to do within minutes provided you have the content ready. Writing is a wonderful hobby/habit. I too realized after starting a blog. Lets come to the topic. The idea is write books, self publish, sell online and make money. This article will guide you through the simple steps for making money by selling your own ebooks through Internet. Lets see them in detail.

Step 1: Select eBook Topic.

The first step should be the best step. You have to select a great topic for your book. It decides the 50% success of your book. You should not write about something that no one reads. So keep the readers in mind while selecting the topic. I am also not sure whether you are already writing a book or you only want to make money from Internet. I assume you are a beginner. In general, selecting the book topic is easiest one because its the matter of expertness. I will tell you two ways to select a book topic.

  • Self Interest. Your interest and your knowledge matters. List down what you know ? and what deep knowledge you have ? Then ask your inner mind and finalize what topic you are more passionate !
  • Market Demand. Find out how the market demand in your category or topic ? List down such demanding topics and ask your inner mind. Done. Use this Google tool to find out market demand.

Another way, list down your self interest, analyze the market demand for it and decide the topic. Its too simple, right ? To know more on this topic, understand what kind of content makes money ?

Step 2: Hire Writer or Write Yourself.

A good writer is one who explains clearly conveying the information. So if you have the ability to convey the information clearly then start writing yourself. Otherwise, don’t worry. You could hire a writer. Web sites like odesk, Elance helps you to find writers with specific knowledge. Get your content ready. Be organized with your book content. Define the sections, sub-sections and narrate the content. Use simple language. Keep your sentences short and clear. You could use notepad, wordpad, Ms Office, Star Office or anything you like for writing and there is no restriction for this method.

Step 3: ProofRead Your eBook.

Proofreading is the most important step once the content for your book is ready. You have to look for improvements, corrections & grammatical errors. This article has few tips on proofreading which helps you instantly in doing a better proofreading. Always think from the readers point of view and see how good your ebook adds value to them. Thats it.

Step 4: Self Publishing Via Lulu.

Once your content is ready, you don’t need to run around. Just go to Lulu.com and turn your content into a professional ebook. You could sell through Lulu and earn the money for each sale. To help you further, the below video shows the steps to publish an ebook using Lulu.com. Apart from lulu, there are many other web sites to sell your content.

Hope this video helps you much.

Finally, publishing your own ebook is not a tough job provided you have the content available. As a publisher, you must serve the readers with useful content and always keep the readers in mind. Because the success of the ebook and how you are making money out of it depends on the Quality of eBook. Pay attention to quality, you are done with 90% of the work !



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