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Making More Money From Your Affiliate Page And Don’t Loose Money


Do you have an affiliate page and promoting a clickbank or cj product already using Google Adwords ? Then, you could make more money from that page. Though promoting a product will be the ultimate goal of your affiliate page, there are cases where your visitor may not buy the product that you are promoting. So you are losing a visitor there. If you are getting paid traffic then your money (cost-per-click) is lost. So the question comes, how to increase the chances of making more money from your existing affiliate page ? Lets see that in detail.

Promoting Related Affiliate Products.

Currently, you are promoting/selling a product from your affiliate page. So the simple and the best idea is add few more related products to that page. You could add a column in your affiliate page for related products. The end result is that, if your visitor is not willing to buy your main product, he may buy any of the related products. So you are increasing the chances of selling a product from your affiliate page.

Also, chances are there that your visitor may buy multiple products from your affiliate page. If that is the case, why you want to loose your money ? The money that you are investing for paid traffic may get back to you with more sales. Promoting relevant products may not hurt the visitor and that adds value to the visitors.

Moreover, promoting referral based products (pay-per-sign up) may give you additional income. Because, if your visitor is not willing to pay money from his pocket, he may simply sign up for the program that you are referring from your affiliate page. You will see the results soon, when you promote related products !

Advertisements on Affiliate Page.

Every affiliate marketer may ask this question, shall i put ads on my affiliate page ? You may get contradicting answers. In reality, it is a good idea to put advertisements on your affiliate page. BUT you should publish ads decently without hurting the visitor. Better to use the corners and bottom spots of your affiliate page for advertisements. You should not give more chance for your visitors to go out of your affiliate page.

One good idea is that, apart from usual adsense or adbrite ads you could put private ads (tell visitors that you are going to open ad space on your affiliate page). The advantage of putting private ad is that you could sell Ad space for the amount less then the amount that you invest for PPC program (adwords). In this way, you will easily take the part of invested money (a better approach of ROI).

Finally, with these two methods, you are increasing the probability of making more money from your affiliate page apart from the main product promotion.  It really works and you will see the results sooner.

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