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Make Money Now, What Products To Kickoff ?

If you are still struggling to make money from Internet then this page will definitely help you today.

Its been almost 3 years in my online business journey, I have learnt a lot and almost every day I am sharing my experiences in this blog. Even I have discussed a lot about making money in this blog and you can always browse through the categories to understand every practical stuffs.

However, it is always helpful that when get a guide or resource which takes you through the steps/process involved in making money from trusted methods like blogging, app development, affiliate marketing, writing jobs etc.man-making-money-silhouette-816489_640

Hence I have made a collection of quality products which are available in the market and already many people are getting benefited every day. All you have to pick your choice today and start making money now !

Keep in mind that all these are not get rich promises, I am saying from my own experience – you have to work hard (smarter, when using right tools) to earn online !

App Business Products.

We are in Smartphones, Tablets era – developing iPhone Apps and Android Apps are really a hot business on Internet. The demand for Apps are huge that you can find lot of opportunities in the market because it is still in booming stage.

You don’t really need programming skills to develop Applications – all you need to have an idea – that’s enough. You can hire a developer, get the app ready and release into Apple Store or Android App Market. You can make huge profits from this market today.

#1 – Free The App.

FreeTheApp is a guide which helps you to create iPhone Apps without any programming experience.

The developers of this product has great experience in the market, they have already developed more than 20 apps which are downloaded million times making $800K revenue a year. This product helps you through the app development process right from bringing your idea into a profitable app which makes huge money.

#2 – App Dev Secrets.

App Dev Secrets is yet another guide which helps to make iPhone/iPad Apps in 4-weeks without any programming experience.

The developer of this product logs into his Apple store account live and shows the income proof which is really mind blowing, see the income proof here.

The AppDevSecrets page has already 200+ user comments asking various questions and many are answered too, you can check their page.

If you are really interested to create profitable Apps and serious about this App development business then go for AppDevSecrets.smartphone-312816_640

Note: I no longer support these courses, instead you can find lot of professionally made App development courses from Udemy.

My take: I own 5+ Android Apps listed on Google Play Store – it surpassed 0.3+ Million downloads.

Affiliate Marketing Products.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the profitable online business which doesn’t requires much investment. Even you can do affiliate marketing by promoting products directly from your own blog, hence you have to build a blog to promote products.

However, experienced Internet Marketers are not always working hard to build a blog to promote products.

Instead, they are using powerful tools and strategies which quickly sends buyers to the product sale page with little investment, or quickly building a blog using professional tools.

Here are the right Affiliate Marketing resources which helps you to quickly earn huge.

#3 – AffiLorama.

AffiLorama is one of the leading Affiliate marketing Training, Software and Support system which takes you through the entire process of Affiliate marketing business. Not only just guiding, they have the right tools which helps you to quickly setup passive income streams without much cracking your head.

There are 100+ hours of video tutorials which takes you through the steps in various Affiliate marketing techniques and interestingly, their community has 150K+ of members to interact and to gain or share knowledge.

There are 3 flavors in their package like Premium, Blueprint, Jetpack.

#4 – Super Affiliate Handbook.

If you are looking for an Affiliate Marketing guide which shows the proof before you go, then Super Affiliate Handbook will be the best choice. The Author Rosalind is already earning $100K+ every year and you can see the proof on her page before you buy.

The Super Affiliate Handbook is a step-by-step guide to build your own affiliate business following Rosalind’s strategy.

The handbook covers everything from the basics and to market your affiliate campaigns in the same way how she did successfully ! The conclusive message from Rosalind is that: Wash , Rinse, Repeat = Sky’s The Limit.connect-20333_640

Note: I am no longer support Super Affiliate Handbook and I recommend only AffiLorama.

My Take: I promote affiliate products through my blog’s BlashO and my Gadget’s blog Joodio (where I promote Amazon products using WordPress Plugins).

Blogging Products.

You can blog for many reasons however, blogging can even support your life. Yes, it is extremely possible to earn a full time income from blogging. All you have to build a great blog on a market which has demand for information as well as products.

Its not a magic, you have to work every day but once established the returns are huge from blogging that you can become even richer owning a few number of blogs.

#5 – Blogging To Bank.

Blogging-To-Bank is a product about blogging which takes you through the 5 steps to build profitable blogs. The course outlines everything in detail and you will be charged to follow the exact step which is already proven by its founder Rob Benwell.

You get access to the system which has everything from eBooks (pdfs), Video tutorials which explains everything in visual.

The blueprint helps you to identify profitable blogging markets, you can directly pitch-in to start blogging on those markets and to make money !

#6 – My Web Formula.

This is a beginner guide to setup your own money making blog in 7 days. The guide has 7 modules covering various topics right from the basics of blogging to marketing your blog, all showing the exact steps in Video.

My web Formula has nearly 140 video tutorials which guides you through out the process of blogging and making money from blogs.

Note: I no longer support any blogging products.

My Take: I blog at BlashO.COM.

SEO & Traffic Products.

Whatever online business either you build a website or a blog, promoting affiliate products – all you need is the Traffic. SEO plays a major role in traffic generation and you can earn 100% profits because all the traffic you get Free of cost from search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing.

In fact, SEO is a tough process until you use the right tools and resources – when rightly approached you can dominate the SERP to bring huge traffic that can be converted into Money/Profits !the-truth-and-secret

#7 – Best Keyword Niche Finder.

Niche finder is a simple-to-use tool which helps to discover the most profitable and less competitive keywords on any niche. All you have to enter the keyword and search – it lists you the various factors of the given keyword right from domain name availability and the competition level.

Once such profitable keywords are identified, you can use them to bring lot of traffic quickly from various search engines especially Google.

#8 – Keyword Winner Plugin.

If you are running a WordPress based blog then you must have this Keyword Winner plugin. This is a handy tool which quickly helps to optimize your blog post titles.

The idea of this WordPress plugin is to identify the keywords which are easy to target on search engines especially Google by analyzing various factors of the keywords like search volume, backlinks, domain names etc. This WordPress plugin comes with both single-site as well as multi-site license.

Note: I no longer use Keyword Winner, you can use my favorite SEMRush tool.

#9 – Hyper Facebook Traffic.

We all know that Facebook is one of the best social network tool today. Facebook has more than 800+ million active users and if you don’t know, Facebook is a best business tool.

Hyper Facebook Traffic is a system which guides you through the process of making money from Facebook traffic. Its all about finding buyers on Facebook and showing products to convert – the product promotion level and the volume of buyers decides your earnings.

If you are not interested to build web sites, SEO – then go for Hyper Facebook Traffic – all you need a Facebook account to begin.

Freelancing/Writing Products.

Apart from blogging and Affiliate Marketing, Freelancing is one of the best method to earn from Internet. Writers are always in-demand on Internet as long as content publishers are active. So the demand never goes down, always good writers are appreciated and they will be paid well.office-620823_640

If you are a beginner then also you can start with freelancing jobs – just brush up your writing knowledge and pick the right product to start.

Lets see some of the great products which can build your writing career and also, you can start making money immediately !

#10 – Real Writing Jobs.

This is one of the largest database on online writing jobs – all you have to join Real Writing Jobs and pick the right job suitable for your experience, interests. Writing jobs are like publishing blog posts, writing articles, copy writing a content/script etc.

You get access to huge number of employers from Real Writing Jobs with so many variety of writing jobs. They also provide you trainings on writing skills.

#11 – Freelance Writer University.

Yet another writer site similar to RWJ – With your writing skills as a source, you can quickly find a job based on your own interests. Jobs are like writing blog posts, eBook writing projects – you will be paid per hour basis. Looks like many of the successful writers are paid $25 to $45 per hour.

Your income depends on the writing skills, the time you spend and how you are satisfying the employers.

Note: This product is no longer active.

If you want to be a freelancer, go for Upwork.com (I have used it personally as an Employer, its good).

Other Make Money Products.

To help you further, I have compiled few more list of make money products from variety of markets.

Not only blogging, affiliate marketing, freelancing, app development are the ways to make money – there are lot of opportunities on Internet to setup a passive monthly income.

#12 – Flip This WebSite.

Website flipping is a huge market where many people are making profits by simply flipping web sites. You can buy a web site and sell it for more profits – on the other hand, you can build a web site from scratch and sell it for huge profits. The level of your web site growth, domain name, ranking factors, content, monthly income decides the flipping profits.

There are many sites to buy and sell websites – Flip This Website has set of video tutorials which guides you through the entire flipping process to make profits, right from finding profitable websites and how to sell them for even more profits.

Note: I no longer do website flipping so not recommending it.

#13 – Domain Flipping.

Like flipping web site, you can also flip domain names which are always in-demand. This Domain Flipping guide is an eBook which takes you through the steps in buying 100’s of cheap domain names and then to sell them back for huge profits. It also guides you to drive free traffic to the parked domain sites and to earn cash out of it.

If you are looking a simple method to earn money for the long term then you can order this Domain Flipping eBook.

Note: I no longer do website flipping so not recommending it.

Good Luck !