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Make Money by Selling Ad Space With Adengage Advertising Network


Selling Ad space is one of the best method to make money from your blog. In fact, its quite easy way of monetizing your site and you don;t need to worry about clicks/conversions. You will be more comfortable because you have to allot space once, sit back to get peoples advertise in your site. Adengage is such an advertising network where you could sell your ad space for money. Ads are running from $10 to $200 per week and its purely based on the your sites performance, in terms of number of unique visitors and clicks. Lets see few more stuffs about from Adengage Network.

Joining Adengage.

adengageAdengage have terms and conditions here, spend few time to go through it before you engage with Adengage. Signing up is completely free and approval looks simpler. All you need is a site where you have to place a piece of html code.

In actual, Adengage shows few statistics to their advertisers like the number of impressions (per day/week) and mainly the number of Ad clicks that your site makes. More impression and clicks yields you more quality advertisers, who are ready to pay more money.

Types of Adengage Ads.

Adengage offers two types of Ads like: Phototext Ads and Targeted CPC Ads.

  • Phototext Ads contains an ad image, title text and description about the advertisement. I believe, its an interactive ad which combines the style of both banner + text ads.
  • Secondly, Targeted CPC Ads are more customizable in terms of specific to geographical location. The advantage, you could show the ads to a specific region or site category. It is guranteed that your Ads will appear on targeted sites. From the publisher point of view, you will get more targeted Ads too.

It has the option to rotate ads, there is something called Ad Pool which is a collection of Ads kept under a queue and it will be rotated on every impression.

Payment and commissions.

As of now, Adengage offers 75% commission to the publisher. For example, if you sell an ad space for 100$, you will earn 75$ only and the remaining $25 will be taken by Adengage. The minimum payout threshold is $20. They are sending money through paypal, cheque etc. Check Adengage FAQ page for information.

Few points to consider before selling Ad space.

  • Generally, if you have low traffic site, you could not get an advertiser.
  • At least you should have 10K to 20K impressions every month to start with otherwise, you could not send more clicks to the advertiser.
  • If you are a beginner and your site is still not matured, better avoid selling ad spaces.

The following articles may help you further towards selling Ad space on your site.

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