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Lazy Money For Lazy Peoples Without Any Work Making Money From Internet Is Possible ?


Are you a lazy fellow ? And you want to make money lazily from Internet ? Looking for shortcuts and lazy works to earn ? Then you are in the right page. Being lazy is one of the toughest job in this world. Any one expecting to make money being lazy is another toughest job. People who have believe ONLY in Luck know all these stuffs. 🙂

One good example is buying lottery and sitting idle to win big prices. Its actually a game for lazy people. If you are too rich then you could enjoy your time without doing any work. Being a normal person or if you want to be a successful person then you could not avoid Hard/Smart work. There is a difference in Hard work and Smart Work. When it comes to online business, i always advice you all to work smarter instead of harder.

But staying lazy home and without doing any work, is it possible to earn from Internet ? The answer that i know for this questions is, very big NO !

No Work = No Money (Biz Mantra).

The business mantra is no work gives no money. The amount of work that you invest on a business is directly proportional to its return. Also, investing smart work is the intelligent part of online business. I have seen numerous automated money making programs in Internet which guarantees you to make money by itself. A passive income for life time.

One good example is, automated content generation system for blogs. They promise you to write content by itself for a blog, do that makes sense ? Information Technology had not reached that level (i believe) as of today ! So don;t believe in such online scams. When you decided to make money from Internet, first keep in mind that you could NOT earn without doing any work.

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Too Lazy...
Too Lazy...

Being Aimless.

Being aimless especially with your online business is for nothing because when you don’t have aim, your business won’t grow. For example, you could work as a Freelancer in Internet but without an aim, why you are working ? At least, you should tell, “i want to make extra income“. This triggers you to work. At the same time, if you don’t have such aims and simply you join a freelancing site, you fails. You will not proceed smarter to earn good money.

In short, have reasonable Aim in whatever you are doing online !

Too Much Expectations.

Expectations are beliefs about Future. Could you judge the future ? you cannot do that in great extent. Success or failure, its all about the effects of your own action. Having expectation is good which triggers you positive energy but having too much expectations may kill you & your business. The most common mistake of beginners is that they expect to make money quickly from Internet.

One such example is blogging, it actually takes time to pickup and you have to invest Time & smart work. But many beginners quit blogging very soon because of the reason, they could not make money sooner. At the same time, affiliate marketing is another game where people use Adwords and loose all their money without making a single product sale. So decide which business best suites for you and have reasonable expectations.

In short, don’t expect to make money quickly !

What Actually Lazy People Need ?

If you are still feeling lazy and want to make quick lazy money without doing any work then close this page. You should first select the best online business which suites your life style. Because you have to invest Time to work with an online business. Apart from Time, you should have the understanding of online business like, How To Start ? Where To Start ? How To Proceed ? If you understand these first, you will able to judge “how much work it needs ?” Keep your mind ready to invest that much amount of work. Its very simple like, balancing your Work & Time for the right business and more important don’t be lazy. Be active in whatever you are doing, success rolls in with your online business !

Work Smart (Not Hard) for Making Money.

The advantage of online business is that, you could work at anytime and work from anyplace. So you don’t really need to crack your head. Be smarter with your work on whatever you do online. For example, if you are about to start affiliate business then try out various possibilities. You could follow free methods to sell affiliate products apart from regular Advertising methods.

Another example, if you are blogging hard to increase traffic. You could simply write a guest post on an established blog to get a quick spike in your blog traffic. What I want to tell you is, always keep multiple options and be smarter in investing your work and don’t stick to single strategy especially with online business !

Finally, without doing anywork it is not at all possible to make money from Internet.

If you find any such lazy money making methods please share with me. Let me try it out. 🙂



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