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Do You Think Large Scale About Your Online Business ?


Now-a-days many people are running their own online business and the entrepreneur’s percentage grows every day. One good example is the blog statistics released by Technorati every year which tells how many blogs are created and more such information. On these statistics, I could see that many individuals are jumping into online business. Back in years before 2000, online business were considered as costlier and even hosting a web site is not cheaper.

But now-a-days, there are huge changes in the Internet and its technology. Its hardly dead cheap to setup you own web site and to make your business presence online. Its 100% true that you don’t even need a single dollar to start an online business in many cases. But to be frank, with less than 50$ you could host a website and using free open source platforms like wordpress you could easily launch a site. That’s the evolution of technology that widely reduces the cost & work required to run business in Internet.

So when the things are changing like this, “low cost or no cost” drives every one to take that business as cheaper in mind. I mean, less value than before due to reduced cost & work. The statement comes like, “Online business is cheaper and simpler“.

So this article is for those who are thinking that an online business is simpler. I completely agree, it cheaper but definitely i don’t agree its simpler.

If you don’t do that as hobby then you could think like that….What about others ? I am running my online business part-time. Though I started as a hobby that turns into a professional part-time job now. Yes, time had changed for me too. I am not taking my online business as simpler. In general, why ?

Think Large Scale Always.

Do you think your online business as large scale business ? Even if you are running a blog or doing simple affiliate marketing think this in reality/practical. I would say, you should think large scale because that’s the secret to motivate yourself. Every big sites in Internet had started small and they grown over a period of time. Not all business becomes large scale at a moment. The same way you don’t know, whatever you are doing today smaller may become large scale tomorrow.

So you should have a wider thought about your business and don’t restrict your growth within a circle.

Aiming Large May Yield At least Half Results.

The simple strategy, if you aim for 100 you may result in 50 or 60 but at the same time if you aim for 1000 you will definitely get into 500 to 600. Which is 10 times larger than another ! So the results are dependent on your goal/aim. So aim for larger and that may yield you back at least a half. This is too general, that you could apply for your traffic goals, income goals or any thing related to your online business.

So aim bigger…I would recommend you to see this page about Evan who started a small web business and now he turned that into large scale. He had the larger view of his business when he started and that came to reality today. Especially, this article tells his view on making a little company look big is quite interesting.

But we should agree that all these thinks won’t happen simpler. It really needs right amount of work in the right direction.

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Think Large Like This !
Think Large Like This !

What If Your Online Business Fails ?

Failures and always welcomed, every step you ahead in your business, you will see failures. But take the failures as positive and learn the mistakes, correct it and do it right in the next round.

For example, your brand new blog may not get enough traffic to make money. So that’s a failure. Find out, what are the best strategies to drive traffic & work on it instead of leaving your blog as failed. Same like, you may not get a sale for your clickbank product, you may loose all your money on Adwords. Go again & refine the keywords this time & do more experiments, at one time it works well. Retries are the answers for every failure that your business sees. So don’t be afraid of failures, its always expected…

See here Shoemoney had tried many methods that too failed. But he never quits his business, he has many successful income sources. All these happened by not just taking things simpler. It requires work & work…

So I conclude here like, whatever you do today may go big tomorrow ! so why you think your business as small ? think like its several million dollar business. Have a wider vision on what you are doing. Every simple steps joins to make a massive jump tomorrow. Never quit your online business on failures, keep your work going positively and think as large scale business.

Advantages of Thinking Online Business as Large Scale.

  • You will predict that you are a business owner & that drives each of steps towards the growth of your business.
  • You will set goals/aim and also you will work to achieve that goals.
  • You never give up on failures because you know you are going on a Long Term Online Business Model.
  • You will hugely make money & profits from your Online based business.
  • You don’t involve in blackhat seo techniques.
  • You don’t lie for selling a product.
  • You will share great information in your niche to your visitors.
  • You will keep your visitors at the top priority than anything else in your web site.
  • You don’t become too much of statistics watcher. Instead, you will analyze the traffic & conversion statistics to grow more.
  • You will keep quality everywhere in your business.
  • Overall, you will behave professional in all aspects of your online business.

And finally, you don’t think your “online business is SIMPLER” but its SMARTER than anything ! Its great, right ?[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


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