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How To Instantly Show An Affiliate Product To Wider Audience ?


Showing your affiliate product to a wider audience “instantly” is one of the major life time effort of an affiliate marketer. The major concern of affiliate marketing is Targets and the Audience. When you are able to reach an affiliate product to the right audience, you could make sales. Ultimately, the aim of increasing the number of sales is hardly dependent on the audience to which you are showing your affiliate product. Its an interesting game too.

This article is for those serious affiliate marketers, who want to really show the product to a wider audience that too instantly. There are many ways to sell products free of cost over Internet but the nature of traffic that brings in matters. Lets see, how to show your product instantly to many people ?

Utilizing Targeted Email List.

Many of the famous Internet marketers are utilizing the full power of email lists. They are rigorously building their email list with targeted people.

  • The major advantage of building email list, you could instantly show an affiliate product to huge number of audience by sending 1 bulk email.

Only thing, you have to build such a huge targeted list. An article on Steps to build email list will help you to build email list using a free method (you don’t need to spend money for aweber or mailchimp etc.) Successful entrepreneurs like Jeol comm, Johnchow, zacjohnson are having such big email list and bombarding with brand new products. And finally, making millions of money.

It takes bit of time to build such a huge list, but if you are able to get at least 500-1000 peoples then its well enough to ping them with your products for sale. I would say, this a game by “giving free stuffs” to build such targeted email lists.

Show To Forum Members.

This is one of the simplest method and you don’t need to spend great time or energy. What you to do ? drive traffic from forums which are highly related to your affiliate product.

The steps to create a big picture:

  • Write a blog post and link your affiliate links (with product images, videos). It should be a rich blog post about the product or its feature. Publish it.
  • Now write 100-200 words about the problem which actually your product solves.
  • Post it on the forum, with a good catchy title (which should address the problem) and link your blog post.

Generally, the traffic coming to forums are either regular forum users or those coming from search engines. Both of them are targeted to your product. So its a great exposure which happened instantly.

  • Instead of using a forum post, you could Write a guest post in a high traffic blog. Link your original blog post where you have the affiliate links.

Conduct A Traffic Contest.

This is a tricky method, which involves conducting a contest to bring in traffic to your article (which has affiliate links). What you have to do ?

Offer a contest like: “One who sends more traffic to this page will win the price”.

Track down the traffic sources using Site-meter or Google Analytics and announce the winner, who sent more traffic to your page. This way, you could simply create a huge hype to wider audience, that brings in more traffic and definitely, chances of more sales.

Final Thoughts…

The success of every affiliate marketing campaign depends on the volume of targeted audience that you derive. When there are huge targeted traffic, there are more chances of sales. That’s the de facto. Though there are many options available to sell affiliate products, these are the 3 methods which bring in wider audience instantly.



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