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How To Increase Freelancer Online Income By Diversifying Time & Knowledge ?


Freelancing is one of the best methods to make money from Internet. In fact, I recommend that in my blog too and I have written many articles about freelancing. This time, i am towards the focus of increasing the freelancers income. Either you are satisfied with your freelancing income or not satisfied, i don’t bother. But as a blogger here, i will tell you simple methods that you could follow today and double your online income tomorrow. First of all, we should realize in what makes freelancing better ? so that we could customize its betters to think about increasing income.

Invest of Time.

One of the important factor in freelancing is Time. As a freelancer you will know this already. Time is gold here and without time you could work as a freelancer. You may be doing a day job full-time and its tough for you to find time to work on freelancing sites. I agree, time management plays a vital role for freelancers. For full-time freelancers, this may not be a problem but part-time freelancers generally struggles to find time. But the flexibility to work anytime makes freelancing better.

Invest of Knowledge.

The second most important factor that a freelancer should need is Knowledge. Whatever job you do, you need knowledge to sell yourself online. Freelancing starts with selling your knowledge first and later utilizing that knowledge on your assigned jobs. The kind of work that you do differs based on the knowledge and the money you earn differs too. A data entry operator may earn less when compared to a software developer. But knowledge is required for you to live on a freelancing site.

If you see freelancing as an online business, you are investing considerable amount of Time & Knowledge to make money. Now the question comes, are you investing “Right Amount of Time & Knowledge” ?

Answering this question will help you to increase your freelancing income. Guaranteed !

Now Finding More Time Online.

So the first step is allocating more time for your online business/jobs. Its purely in your hand and i could not help you in finding time. To suggest, list down you daily regular activities and find out how you are wasting your time. Then see, how you could avoid wasting time ? Finally, invest that time back to your online jobs. Its kind of tweaking your time in day-to-day life. Here is a very small article, which instantly helps you to Manage your time.

Finding More Income Opportunities.

Okay, if you are able to find more Time then its good and you have to find more opportunities now. Opportunities towards increasing your online income. How ? where you are freelancing now ? Are you sticking to a single freelancing site ? For example, you may be freelancing at Elance but you don’t know about another site Odesk. Joining another freelance site may increase your opportunity to find more jobs. Create a decent profile & get new job offers from other sites too. This time, you are increasing your income from another source. The reason is, you will see new employers & new set of payments (For example, in the existing site you will be paid $10 per hour but in the new site you could see a job offer of $20 per hour).

Why do you miss such opportunity ? Opportunities are not created for everyone but you have the freedom to locate opportunities. The idea is simple, don’t stick to one freelancing site. Join more than 1 or 2 & look for better offers across different freelancing sites.

Diversify Your Online Income.

Diversifying your work or habit helps you in increasing income. How ? Do you know any other methods to make money from Internet ? Try them out ! If you have no idea, i have these 25+ Tips for Money Making Online which may help you in taking a decision. Why you are sticking to freelancing ? Start a blog like me & write about what you know. You could even write about your freelancing career or a topic that you are working as a freelancer now. Because, blogs are easy to manage and its completely fit for part-time online workers. You could work at anytime, no deadlines, no schedules, its fun too. You could check one of my article which helps you in Start Making Money as Blogger. There are many more methods too. You could even Start Affiliate Business which doesn’t needs more time to work. But affiliate marketing needs you to invest money. Its basically, selecting products online (from Clickbank, CJ.com), using paid advertising to sell (from Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing) and earning the commissions (up to 75% per sale).

Why I suggest you is, you already have an online presence as freelancer & you will feel pretty comfortable with other methods. You know how to receive the earned money, you are more comfortable & have trust on doing online businesses. The idea is, learn more opportunities for making money from Internet & diversify your online work. This definitely increases your online income.

Final Thoughts…Internet is flexible to all and it has huge opportunities. It matters, how we are finding, understanding such opportunities & utilizing them. You have Time & Knowledge and you should better utilize them in order to increase your online income.


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