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Importance of Visitors and Gaining Targeted, Satisfied and Repeat Visitors


Do you know visitors are more important than money and profits?

Are you working only for gaining visitors and not for making money? Is that a right question?

Honestly speaking, this may not be a right question but you have to make it right. Confusing?

Okay. Let’s discuss some of the major points on how visitors are more important than money and profits! There are few major factors that drives your online business and to continue running toward profits in the long run.importance of visitors

Every online business needs investment in terms of time, work and money (depends on). Why do you invest Time and Work? A simple answer, to gain visitors.

Investing Time and Work at the huge amount in right approach gains you back visitors. Either an e-commerce store or a content driven blog, it has to gain huge visitors. A real world business may go down due to lack to visitors (lacking satisfied or targeted visitors), the same funda applies for your online business too.

Who are Targeted Visitors?

Targeted visitors are the one who are especially looking for your service or your website. They are the one who are looking for your help and they make your business to run. Without getting targeted traffic, you could not service them.

For example, if you are offering “web design services” and you are getting visitors who are looking for “financial services”, do that makes sense?

No, it won’t because you are not offering financial service and a visitor may leave your site. In this example, targeted visitors are those who are looking for “web design services”.

Finally, you need Targeted Visitors to run your business.

How Targeted Visitors Can Become Satisfied Visitors?

Next comes Satisfied Visitors, who are they?

A targeted visitor who got satisfied by your business is called Satisfied Visitors.

Quality service helps you to turn your targeted visitor into a satisfied visitor.

Offering quality content or quality product makes your visitors satisfied. So you have to keep your visitors satisfied for the long run.

Once your targeted visitor becomes satisfied visitor, he will turn automatically into Repeat Visitor.

Turning Satisfied Visitors into Repeat Visitors.

A Repeat Visitor is the one who comes to your website again and again taking your service.

It builds a long-term relationship between your website and your visitors. Your repeat visitor may help you by referring more targeted visitors in the future.

You have to turn targeted visitor into a satisfied visitor and then turn her into a repeat visitor.

This way, your business will become closely tied with the nature of visitors coming to your website.

Through out the business life cycle, your ultimate goal should be “I will give importance to visitors” that drives repeat visitors.

If you get continuous repeat visitors, your business grows!

Moreover, paying importance to gaining targeted, satisfied and repeat visitors helps to drive more quality traffic to your website.

It helps to trigger product sales or takes your service again and again.

Giving importance to visitors and working towards that goal will finally yield more business, more money and more profits INDIRECTLY!

Importance of Visitors to Your Online Business & How Do You Serve?

For any kind of business, it is true that the importance of visitors is the top priority. Here I would like to present some of the guidelines for keeping the visitor importance in top gear.

  • Offering a valuable information or a valuable product to the visitors makes to keep your online visitors for a long time in your website.
  • Having visually cool and highly interactively great web page gives your visitors the real excitement of service. Though the look n feel is there in one side, the major part is offering the quality service in terms of a product quality or the quality information on a particular topic.
  • Providing the service in a unique way or providing valuable information, timely information, solutions to problems are some of the tricks in keeping the visitors staying on your site. This surely makes the visitors do product purchase or makes to take whatever service offered by you as a business unit.
  • Offering something valuable for free, gives the real feeling to the visitor, making them think, this is a worth visit site.
  • Floating the fresh and up to date information is another great idea. Find out the ways to keep your content of your site fresh, this really gives timely information to the visitors. Like a new product review, latest technology updates etc.
  • For software related business sites, offering software trial versions is the usual and real tricky way of catching their visitors.
  • For an e-commerce based online business, providing a free product shipment increases the visitor or the customers importance.
  • Offering valuable service or information helps the visitors to build a confidence over your online business.
  • Confidence and satisfaction are the major pillars from the customer side for any online business. Why ? Even for the real word business.
  • For product-based business, it is required to combine the valuable information about the product and quality service, increases the customer confidence. Without building the confidence, no one will take your offer or the visitor don’t buy anything.
  • Security is another concern. For e-commerce based business, it is expected to provide a secure platform for making any online money transactions. Every visitors will have the worry about the security in making transactions. Offering a highly secured platform for a business transaction is required to make the customer happy.
  • Invest time in understanding your visitors. Without understanding the visitors, it is really difficult to turn them into customers. Spend time on finding out how to give importance to your visitors. Make a to-do list and implement the same when the time permits. Improvements cannot be done in the single day, it takes time.
  • Always  serve or work with the intent of making your visitors into customers. Giving importance to your visitors really makes them into your customers. As a visitor, Even you could subscribe to my site if you find this information useful.
  • The ultimate goal should be making your online business site or an information portal or blog into a powerful marketing tool, in turn building up the importance of visitors.

If you fail to give importance to the visitors, it is true that you are losing your business.

Keep the rule in mind, today’s visitors are tomorrow’s customers.


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