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Importance of Twitter For Online Business


The Internet world is turning towards the social networking world. Its time to realize the importance of Twitter for your online business.

Twitter, a social networking and microblogging platform that provides a way to build a network of public around you. The amazing thing is that you are provided with only 140 characters to buzz your network or followers at a time. Using Twitter, could send a 140 character message to your followers and public. But is it possible to convey something with this limit ?

Yes, Twitter is short and sweet. It gives the flexibility to have conversation with any one including your customers or public instantly, that adds real value to your online business. I would say, Twitter is a perfect business tool.

How ?

Twitter helps you to promote your online business in lot of ways and in all directions.

Identify Your Business Customers.

Twitter helps to understand and identify your customers, it helps to understand what the customers are thinking about your online business. You could easily monitor your followers and learn the public opinions. As Twitter is a dynamic platform, it makes you to quickly identify the needs of your customers. For an e-commerce or product based business, Twitter plays a major role in understanding the problems faced by customers. This helps to quickly react to the problems and hence improves the customer satisfaction.

Most of the service oriented companies are now-a-days serving their customer needs and complaints through Twitter. Its really a dynamic medium to bring the public under your own network.

Explore Your Brand To Public.

Branding is really required for making a successful online business. Twitter as a platform helps to broadcast your business brand to the public. Reaching the public is more important than building a brand. Twitter provides the most simplest and best solution to explore your brand. Make your profile cool with your brand name and log embedded. This really gives your brand feel to every visitor. Branding builds the customer confidence and forms a trusted network of peoples around your business.

Twitter helps to quickly market your brand to the market and bring you in front of others faster. Hence I would say, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for your business.

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Website.

Twitter brings the targeted traffic for your website. Every business running online requires bunch of traffic. I would say, generating traffic is simple but the toughest part is generating targeted traffic for your business. Twitter feeds your the targeted traffic. You must build your network accordingly, connected to related peoples and keep them in your network always. This helps to bring in the targeted traffic at any time. It is true that Twitter builds valuable links to your website.

Statistics says that Twitters traffic is considerably targeted when compared to the search engine traffic.

Adds A Personal Touch.

Twitter gives a personal touch in everything that you are doing via Twitter.

  • You are showing your own presence to your network and the public.
  • You are showing your own style.
  • You are showing your own culture.

This brings you before everyone that you follow and lays a strong basement for you to become an expert in your domain. You will become popular if you are actively addressing the problems with solutions and helping others related to your niche market. This also gives a personal life to your online business.

Mixing up a personal touch makes a good feel for others to follow you on Twitter. Sure chances are more for everyone to feel your personality.

Twitter The Perfect Tool.

Now I could say, Twitter is a perfect business tool.

  • It helps to market your business,
  • helps to serve your customers,
  • helps to drive traffic,
  • helps to build your business brand.

More over, Twitter is a broadcast medium for your online presence with power of 140 characters.

So don;t wait for anything, if you have not joined Twitter yet then join today. Twitter is really important for your online business as well as personal growth.

Come on, now its time to Follow Me On Twitter.


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