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Tips For Successful Hubpages Marketing And To Create Successful Hubs


Hubpages are free to use online space for publishing or sharing about anything that you know. Its more or less same like a blog and hubpages are great marketing tool because its already a well established system-on-place. There are more than million hubs available in hubpages and it has hundreds of topics covered, basically it has wider scope.

So as a hubber, you should understand few marketing tips that helps you to make not only successful hubpages but doing an effective Internet Marketing for yours using hubpages. In fact, hubpages are fun to work too. Even I love to write articles for hubpages because its too simple to create information or content rich posts more comfortably.

Creating Quality Content.

The top most precedence of your hubpages should be quality content which adds value to the reader. You should publish useful information on your hubpages. As I mentioned earlier, hubpages are well established already & its well enough to have quality content which drives more search engine traffic. You know, every hub is considered as a separate site by search engines and hence it is required to maintain good strength of your hub. You should create hubpages specific to a niche or topic so that your hub gains value to the reader as well to search engines.

Don’t scatter your topic instead be focused on your niche. Simply saying, create useful hubpages in-and-around a topic.

Effective Linking On Hubpages.

Hubpages are one of the best tool to create quality back links to your site or blog. If you have a blog & your hub has closely related topic then search engines will give more weightage to the back links that you create. Also, you should do effective internal linking on your hub.

Contextual Linking helps you to pass high link value to your other pages & to your blog. Also, keep the number of external links less & by linking only to relevant quality external pages. Just ask this question, do this link adds value to the reader ? before linking from your hubpages. You could use hubpages to promote your best articles from your blog, it redirects more traffic to your blog.

Optimized Keyword Usage.

Keyword Usage is the one most important factor that you should take care in writing especially the titles for hubpages. Make the title readable to the visitor and include the keywords wisely for search engines. The below video has tips on how to do keyword research especially for hubpages ? Its worth watching the video once.

Also, you should not overload the keyword density on hubpages. You should use right keywords as tags which plays a major role in pointing to a group of hubpages which are related to each other. This helps the reader to find more information as well as optimizes your hubpage for search engines.

Check out this article on how to get an hub to the first page of Google ? which has best practical tips that really works for your hubpages.

Hubpages For Affiliate Marketing.

Using hubpages you could simply promote your affiliate product. You should write a review or publish a hubpage related to the affiliate product may help you to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate sales page. More important, don’t overload with hubpages with affiliate link that hurts the reader. Instead, take the reader wisely directing them to your affiliate page. That makes more sense. Utilize their reveneue sharing model (amazon affiliate or ebay capsules) to make a decent income from your hubpages too apart from Adsense.

Use All Hubpage Features.

Hubpages have wider and interesting features like embedding videos, images, widgets, RSS links, Related hubpages, blog entries and much more. Try to use almost all the available features on your hubpages which builds an information rich hub.

As I mentioned earlier, hubpages are simple to create rich pages which performs effective marketing of your blog, product & business. Finally saying, you should not avoid using Hubpages !


  1. Ive tried hub but did not get approved because of typos and it was not evergreen enough got frustrated and gave up i should really give it a try again if hubs are still useful


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