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How To Start Making Money From Affiliate Program?


If you looking to start making money from Affiliate Program then you came to the right place.

The first thing to understand, what is an Affiliate Program?

The term Affiliate is defined as the system in which one entity associates one or more entities. In the Internet Business world, the affiliates are the one who joins or enrolls with a business merchant to promote a product, such an opportunity package is termed as Affiliate Program. Looks confusing?

Then simply saying, Affiliate Program involves promoting a product/service for money.

The product promotion shall be selling (Sale) software, an ebook or physical books etc. The service could be anything like making visitors to website sign up, newsletter sign up (termed as Lead) etc. You could select the product of your own choice for promotion.

And money will be paid to you for the promotion (as commission).affiliate marketing

So steps are like,

  1. Join Right Affiliate Program.
  2. Selecting the suitable Affiliate Product.
  3. Promoting the Affiliate Product.
  4. Earn Money.

Is it simple, right? 😉

The assumption is you already have a blog? If you don’t have a blog go and create a blog first using WordPress.

Hope you are clear with the basics of affiliate programs.

Which Affiliate Program To Join?

The Internet is populated with tons of affiliate programs to join.

Many of the affiliate programs over promote a product, they may be an online scam. So care must be taken before joining any affiliate program. If you are new then you should take a right decision.

The following are the most popular and I personally use these affiliate programs + most of the marketing experts:

  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Clickbank Affiliate
  • Direct Affiliate

Let us take a glance at each of the affiliate systems.

1) Amazon Affiliate.

Amazon, the most famous online shopping portal everyone knows.

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate helps you to promote the products for Amazon. You could earn up to 15% of the commission for each sale.

Amazon is the most trusted brand and you can join this affiliate program with full confidence. You will be paid genuinely.

With Amazon, you could promote any type of products from digital to real-world things.

You will be given links, banners for promotion.

2) Clickbank Affiliate

Clickbank is the best online retail store for digital products.

When you join Clickbank, you could mainly promote products like software’s, ebooks, subscription products etc.

You could earn up to 75% commission for each sale you made. Payment is based on the threshold you set.

You could select the products based on the item gravity (or popularity in other terms).

You will be given with hoplinks for promotion.

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All these three affiliate programs are trusted and popular. Now it’s your choice to decide the right affiliate program to join.

3) Direct Affiliate

This is where you join a product directly and get their links, banners for promotion.

For BlashO, I had personally joined many direct programs like:

  • Web Hosting Affiliate Programs (like SiteGround)
  • WordPress Theme/Plugin Sites (like Themeforest, Avada theme)
  • You can also join AffiLinker Affiliate Program.

Selecting the Suitable Affiliate Product.

The first step after joining an affiliate program is the selection of the right affiliate product for sale. You should make a list of whatever affiliate product that best suits you. You are having more options on Amazon, Clickbank to find out the popular products. So make your search the best.

  • The best way is to select the product that is more related to your blog. That makes sense, it’s the relevancy in affiliate promotion. For example, if your blog is about “health” then it is intelligent to select “nutrition”, “weight management” related products. This makes your readers purchase your affiliate product.

Look over the Internet for the most popular and demanded products and find out the best one that suits you. I would recommend you to prepare a list and rank them. This helps to select the suitable best affiliate product for you.

When it comes to affiliate marketing, keep this golden rule in mind. “Less Competitive (or high demand) Quality Affiliate Product, Always Win”.

How To Promote Your Affiliate Program?

You could promote an affiliate product in thousands of way if you already have a blog.

I strongly recommend you to read the following articles,

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