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How To Select Best Affiliate Products By Doing 5 Analysis ?


Selecting the best affiliate products is the foremost step in affiliate marketing business. It actually starts with selecting the product before promoting or sell it online. The results of your affiliate business and how you are making money are highly controlled by product, its market and much more. This is a general topic which is applicable for any affiliate network (Clickbank, CJ or anything else). While selecting products, you have do those 5 Analysis which in turn helps you to the pick the best one. Lets see them in detail.

Market Analysis.

The analysis starts with the market and spending few time for market research helps you to make better steps towards profit. So you have to do the market analysis first.

  • What kind of market you are targeting ? How is the demand for that market from which you are picking products ?
  • Its basically strategy of demand and supply. Where there is higher demand, you could supply more and obviously, you will see more competition.
  • A good recommendation, always go for a moderately demanding market instead of putting your head into too many competition.
  • Use Google Keyword Tool, look for keywords with moderate search statistics (say, 5000-20000) and also, search Google to check the top 10 occupancy of established sites.

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Product Analysis.

Once you have selected the market, the next level is selecting the best products from that market.

  • First, browse through your affiliate network and find the products that are okay to your mind (use your common sense).
  • Predict like a buyer and see the product.
  • Do the product solves the buyer problem ?
  • Compare the products and see, which one gives better solution to the buyer ?
  • Compare various features offered by these products.
  • Finally, select few (say, 2-3 products) which are best and pick your affiliate links.

A quality product which solves the buyer problem with better solution, wins the market which has demand.

Sales Page Analysis.

Next comes the affiliate page ie., the sales page from where the buyer clicks the Order button. So its more crucial part of affiliate marketing.

  • Scan through the sales page and see how it is built professionally ?
  • Do the page speaks the truth or taking over opportunity to promote the product ? (basically, cheating the buyer).
  • Do the product provider has contact details (which is more important) ?
  • Do the product provider has customer support (at least by email) ?

Generally, established product providers will have customer care support which is an added advantage for affiliate marketers. Because, on seeing the sales page visitors will get more Trust on the product and they decide to buy.

Keyword Analysis.

This phases comes once you have selected the affiliate products and before selling it. Keyword analysis is more important in affiliate marketing because it defines the source of traffic. The nature of visitors (buying visitors) is highly controlled by keywords.

Once you are ready with product, either you use PPC Ads (Adwords or YSM) or Article Marketing to sell products, you have to keyword research. Again, Google Keyword Tool is the best option to pick the right keywords. I would recommend you to use the words buy, order, download etc combined to your main keywords.

  • For example, “buy best personal finance ebook” is a more targeted keyword which brings in people who are seriously looking to buy an ebook.

Result Analysis.

Experimentation and result analysis are part of best affiliate marketers. Serious affiliate marketers are more focused on the results of their experiments. So what ever you do, keep a list/history on the results. This data helps you to easily take good decision in the future.

For example, the market of health care is more competitive and if you failed once on that market then the next time, you will be able to judge a better market using your experience. So always keep a note on what you doing.

  • Also, track the visitors and find out which source of visitors are really buying the products. Many of the affiliate networks have this feature. For example, in Clickbank you could add a tracker to the hop links which succeeds with ‘?’ symbol. This way, you could work towards getting more such buying visitors.

Finally, selecting the best affiliate products and selling them is a big game. When you are doing proper analysis on each phase, you will see better results and profits. So do analysis and do more analysis.

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