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How To Market eBooks As An Affiliate Marketer ?


Marketing your ebook is one of the interesting parts of an affiliate marketer. I know how much effort you have invested in making your ebook. Making a great ebook is a toughest job and marketing it becomes tougher too. There are few shortcuts always to quickly perform marketing in Internet, something called as Viral Marketing.

So don’t worry about marketing your ebook, it’s a smarter work!viral marketing

Let’s see how to market your ebook? It doesn’t take much time, within a week or two, you could push your ebook into viral marketing mode.

Simply, follow the below steps.

Share eBook In Your Blog.

I believe, as an ebook owner you will have a blog already. If you own a blog then publish 2 or 3 articles related to your ebook and share the download/order link through the blog posts. Even you could give away a part of your ebook for taking a free subscription in your blog.

Share eBook In Others Blog.

The other way, Write guest posts in other related popular blogs about your ebook. This is one of the best ways, in case when you don’t have a popular blog. By writing a guest post, you could simply bring targeted people to download/order your ebook.

Tell few words In Forums.

Find out forums related to your ebook’s topic. Simply, search Google for “forums” + “your topic”, you will see plenty of forums. Join 4 or 5 forums which have huge members first.

For example, if you have written an ebook on Forex Automatic Trading then search Google for “forums forex trading”.

Start a thread telling few words about your ebook and more important, tell What problem your ebook solves? You will get quick attention to a wider audience through forums.

E-mail Marketing, It Works.

If you have an e-mail list then tell your readers about the ebook. I know, you don’t have an email list (that’s why you are looking on, how to market ebooks ?)

Use Aweber, it will be the best choice to communicate with your readers.

Don’t worry, there are two simple methods I could suggest you:

  • Send Email To Your Blog Commentator’s – There is a plugin (for WordPress blogger’s) which quickly sends an email to all the commentators of your blog. Use it, and convey the message. (Plugins To Manage Emails)
  • Request Other Blogger’s To Market Your eBook – Similar to guest writing, request other blogger’s who have email list to market your ebook (you may have to pay money for this to happen !)

Socially Tweet & Share.

Use social media tools like Twitter, Facebook and share your ebook. Based on the number of followers/fans, you will get higher exposure to your ebook. Social tools are meant for viral and definitely, your books spread virally in Twitter/Facebook.

Finally, when you are marketing your ebook keep 2 points in your mind:

  • Quality of eBook – It is important to promote a quality ebook which solves the reader/buyer problem !
  • Marketing Effort – Always market your ebook in the best place where you could find a huge targeted audience!



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