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How To Make Money By Selling Content ?


It’s a great idea to make money by selling content over Internet. In fact, if you are a good writer and you are an expert on few topics then that’s well enough to make money. But its not straight forward as you like because you should know what kind of content makes money ? Your content should be valuable & useful to the reader so that it gains more chance to sell online.

Yes, useful content generally sells good. Its hardly impossible to sell a useless content unless a fool buys that content from you. 🙂 Okay, lets learn practically how to make money by selling your useful content online ?

First of all, before seeing how to sell your content, will discuss what kind of content sells ? As mentioned earlier, a useful content sells good but in reality useful content has many other meanings/types. Lets see that in detail. In one of my recent post, i have explained what kind of content makes money ? You could read that article for detailed analysis about content that sells.

To summarize, i have extracted 3 major types of content below that sell’s & makes money for you.

  • Content that gives solution to problem’s. In fact, the most useful content could be the one that gives solutions to a problem on a particular topic. Generally, Internet users are looking for solutions to problem’s. If you are writing such content that provides solutions then that’s the gold mine for making money.
  • Timeless content which lives forever until the Internet dies. That means, you should produce content that sells forever. Even after year’s 2030, 2050 your content should be in a shape to sell online. That’s called timeless content. So try to write content which are note tied to time/season’s.
  • Unique content, on whatever topic to sell. Generally, people don’t buy duplicate content. A duplicate content may easily available for free over Internet but if you are selling unique content for sure it sells for years. (after some period of time, that unique content may become duplicated by others for free, that’s the de facto of Internet). Whatever type of content either it gives solution or its timeless, you should produce unique style of content to sell at the first place.

Now the question, Where to sell content and how to make money ?

Through Internet, you could sell anything you want and there’s no restriction dear. So there is a way to sell your content too. There are numerous sites to sell content online. The one that I found good and many people in the Internet community are using that is Lulu.com.

The reason why its famous is that it have amazing features. Even if you have a useful content in hand as a .txt file, you could simply turn that .txt file into a wonderful ebook. That’s the power of lulu.com. Yes, uploading your content into lulu gives you back an ebook for selling. Its free to join lulu and its easy to sell your content to a wide range of community looking for content from you. The only requirement is that, you have to produce valuable & useful content.

Publishing your content into lulu is dare simple. Just check out this wonderful publishing help page, it has everything you want in step-by-step.

I found ebook’s are sold from $3 to $100 on lulu. If you are a good writer and have time to produce useful content on any topic then simply go ahead to write & sell content. You may not become rich but at least you could make some money out of your writing habit.

To start go to this First Time Visitors page & select “What do you want to create today ?”. That’s all, it takes you to the right direction. And currently, lulu pays you 20% of money as commission for every time you sell your ebook.

Not only ebooks, you could sell your own photo books, CD/DVD’s, Artwork’s and much more digital content on lulu.


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