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How To Make Extra Monthly Income Online By Spending Less Time ?


You have made a good decision today and looking for how to make an extra monthly income online ? You may be working in a day job and you don’t to want to spend more time on this. Do this possible to earn, even if you don’t have much time to work online ? Yes, it is possible but you have to plan yourself on what do you want to do ?

In general, earning an extra income from Internet is 100% possible for any individual who has basic computer skills. For busy day job workers, if you are able to spend at least 1-2 hours per day, its well enough to operate an online business of your own. Lets see few ideas on how to make an extra monthly income ? Keep in mind, all these ideas won’t make you rich the next day !

Become An Affiliate Marketer.

The most common way of earning an extra income that too, by spending lesser time is affiliate marketing.

  • It involves selecting a digital product, sell it over Internet and earn commission for every sales.
  • There are web sites called Affiliate Networks from where you could join free and pick any digital products. Few of the best affiliate networks to mention are: Amazon Associates, Clickbank, CJ, Neverblue etc.
  • You will get a referral link for the selected product which helps to track your account/status.
  • Your work, send visitors to your referral link and make them to buy the product.
  • Depends on the number of sales and percentage of commission, your monthly income varies and you may have to spend less than 1 hour every day.

Its tough to summarize all these stuffs within this page, so read more…

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Trade with Domain Names.

Domain names are the regular web site names and they are going in demand. Yes, due to the increasing number of new websites every day, it is hard to get a good domain name especially “common words” like “paintingtips”, “drivingtips”, “beststore” etc.

  • The idea, you have to buy such hot domain names and register them in your name.
  • Later, you could sell them for higher prices.
  • Domain names are available for less than $10 and it is true that, if your domain name goes demand, you could sell them for $1000+.
  • There are web sites like sedo, godaddy, names pro to specifically trade with domain names. Only thing, you have to spend money from your pocket to buy domain names.
  • You don’t need to spend much time, it takes few minutes to buy/sell domain names.

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An Extra Income...
An Extra Income...

Become A Freelancer.

One of the best part-time job in Internet is freelancing. Web sites like Odesk, Freelance, Elance etc are offering online jobs.

  • You have to join these freelancing sites, create your experience profile, take job offers, complete the work and earn money for the work done.
  • Generally, you will be paid by hour basis or based on the completion of the work. Jobs are like Data entry operator, Software programming, Copy writers, Web Designing, Virtual Assistants etc.
  • If you are able to spend 2 hours per day then freelancing suites you best.

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Start Your Own Blog.

Starting your own blog is too simple with Blogger.com.

  • If you are passionate about a topic, you could start a blog and write useful articles. You have to publish articles regularly say 1 per day.
  • Over a period of time, your blog will become information rich on the topic.
  • Running Advertisements, Selling related digital products are few of the ways to make money from blogs.
  • The hardest part is driving more visitors to your blog. Because the more visitors yields you more income. And it takes time to pick up because it falls under Long term business model.
  • The growth of your blog depends on the topic and the marketing strategies that you utilize to promote your blog. Generally, it takes 6+ months to turn a new blog into a matured blog.
  • Spending 1 hour per day is well enough to run a blog.

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Importing Products From China.

Another idea, which involves importing digital products from china market.

  • We all know that Chinese products are dead cheap, its a wider business that people are importing such digital products at lower rate, and selling them locally online.
  • You have to build an online store showing the digital products (basically, an ecomm store) and you need to bring in supply vendors to deliver the digital products to the customers (and customs clearance).

Even i don’t have much idea about this business and one of the guest blogger suggested this here in my blog.

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Apart from these ideas, i have compiled more than 25+ Money making tips which definitely helps you to take good decision today (i don’t ask you money 🙂 ). Its really possible to setup an extra monthly income from Internet. First step, you have to understand where to start ? and how to proceed ? Also, don’t expect too much of money during the earlier stage of your online business and be patience. An article on how to avoid online business mistakes ? for sbeginners shows you the most common mistakes (you could avoid them).



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