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How To Make Extra Money From Home ?


It is every ones dream to make extra money especially to cover the monthly needs in your home. Paying bills, rents, fuel, interests, bla bla every month goes like this. You may have a source of income already and expecting to see more than it. In general, every one wants financial freedom in life and not everyone achieves the same. You may have to stick to the only source of income through out the life.

When there are opportunities available in this world, why don’t you try something new ?

In life, when you are taking new things, you feel happy, you feel secured and it gives satisfaction too. Setting up an extra money system is not so hard in this world. You already have a computer and an Internet connection, that’s a great capital. Yes, with your computer you could do many things to earn extra sitting from home.

I am not explaining a “get rich” kind of stuff, keep in mind: when you need income, you have to work.

Some times, you have to work hard too. From my past experience, i would say when you have Time and basic Knowledge about online business, you could definitely earn. Dedicating time with the right knowledge is required here.

This article helps you people to understand the various opportunities to make extra money from your home and definitely, don’t expect to become rich sooner.

First, Do You Have Extra Time ?

The very first question to you: Do you have enough time to work ?

Will you be able to sit in front of your computer for at least 1-2 hours per day ?

If yes, you are qualified.the-eleventh-hour-793021_640

Because time is more important than anything else in the world. People do start their work and they could not continue it due to lack of time. When you are already working in a day job, you have to prepare yourself to find extra time. Plan your day. Allocate time for online works. Don’t just take it lighter, think your online business jobs are same like the real day job then only you could dedicate time. At the same time, when you are full time in home, prepare yourself to sit in front of the computer, that’s it.

Opportunities To Make Extra Money.

The are many opportunities for an individual to make extra money by working from home. Online works are highly comfortable to you and your lifestyle because you could work anytime as well as you could work from anywhere (even from outside your home). That’s great right ?

The opportunities that i am going to explain in this article are “nothing new” and “non-get rich” kind of opportunity. So don’t expect to make too much of money.

As we are speaking about online business for beginners, you must understand about the investments too. Every business definitely needs an investment in terms of money and hard work. Here you don’t need larger investment, even with less than $100 you could setup your online business.

It is also possible to start with zero to little investment however, you have to sit and work hard.

Start Your Own Blog.

Sounds like a wired job ? Its easy to own a blog. All you have to buy a domain name (web site name) and the space to store the content (web hosting). It costs less than $100.

  • Select a topic where you have in-depth knowledge or you love to write more.
  • Setup your own self-hosted blog using WordPress.
  • Write useful articles on the topic.
  • Continue to write for few months.
  • Your blog attracts visitors.
  • Run advertisements, sell downloadable products on your blog.
  • Continue this process…. Sounds simple ?
  • Follow my steps to create a blog here.

However, it is not so simple and building a successful blog requires lot of dedication, time.

I have written more than 600+ articles in this blog (as of today), still I am growing but slowly.

Refer to the below articles for more information about blogs/web sites.

 Sell Your Knowledge – Online Jobs.

The very first method is freelancing. Its about working with “virtual Internet office” similar to real world office. Basically, you have to get hired by virtual employers and get paid for the work done. All you need to sell your skill set.

  • For example, if you already know graphics design then you could advertise yourself as a graphics designer in a freelance web site. Employers, when they see your profile matching their requirements, you may get hired. And you will be assigned with graphic designing works. You have to complete the work on-time with quality output as expected. Finally, you will be paid. You will be paid per hour basis or some times based on the completion of assigned tasks too.

If you are thinking this as large scale business, you could open your own service business over Internet. Setup a web site, tell about your skills and experience. Tell people that you are available as paid server for them.

Start Developing Smart Phone Apps.

Its smart phone era and people are going crazy behind Smartphone Apps. iPhone and Android are much popular in the market. People are ready to spend money to download their favorite apps.

  • You work here is: to develop creative apps. A simple app which solves any user problem would be great. If you charge $1 per download and if your app gets 1ooK download, you make will ~$1ooK !

The steps are damn simple:

  • Have a creative app idea which solves a problem (say, a money planner app).
  • Develop the app (design, coding, testing). You could hire a developer from freelancing web sites or develop yourself (if you do programming).
  • Upload to app store (Apple store or Play Store) and get it approved.
  • Find app related web stores on Internet, contact them and promote your app for more downloads.
  • Done.

smartphone-312816_640Few more articles to read on this topic:

Sell Digital Products (for Commission).

The year old method of making extra money…that’s selling digital products on Internet. Generally, people call it as affiliate marketing. Its a simple strategy.

  • Join an affiliate network like Clickbank, Amazon etc.
  • Pick a digital product (get your own referral link for that product).
  • Make people to click on your link and buy that product.
  • Earn commissions for each sale you drive.

For example, at the rate of 25% commission, if you sell 100 products you will make 25 x 100 = $2500.

The toughest part is making people to buy from your link. It requires lot of wise marketing effort.

I would recommend you to read the below articles:

As I mentioned earlier, there are lot more methods to earn. I have compiled a great list of 25+ money making tips….Its worth to read !

Why People Fail To Make Extra Income ?

When heard about online business opportunities, every one will get dreams in their mind. People do think about becoming rich and making money at short time.

In general, their Expectations are more. In practical, that’s not the truth and you could not make money without doing any work, it takes little time. Same like the real world scenario, when you do work then only you could earn. Don;t have that mind set, put your mind in learning mode.

Explore the real steps involved in it and trust yourself. Spend quality time, do it with confidence, for sure you could setup a system yourself which makes you extra money every month.

Learn to avoid beginner mistakes which helps you to avoid them yourself in this earlier stage.


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  2. each and every website advertises themselves as they r really true and provide us a part time online jobs with offering a lots of stuffs just to make us join with them but after their wil be not that true lik they said, all will get sum fees just to get started, y like this, just bcoz of this people are nt believing any this type of stuffs they dont wanna waste their money for fraudulents,, urs is a good thing, if they provide job starting with a zero amount and clear guarantee then obviously all will try that leads to the growth and profit to all,

    • That’s right Jeevan, when you begin with legitimate stuffs you are always safer and you don’t need to loose your money (and more important your time)…See you back.

      Thanks for commenting.

  3. May I add that in order to make extra money from home you should put in a lot of effort and discipline to see results. People usually complain that these opportunities do not work but they do not put in money or time and effort.

    Very informative article.

    • Rightly said Karabo, lot of effort is required to make money from Internet….it is not so simple ! we have to work with dedication + without giving up. Thanks for your comment.

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