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How To Get Quick Referrals ?


So you want to get quick referrals ? For what ? either to promote a product or a business to others, right ? You may get money for making referrals too. But the basic question, how to get quick referrals ? Don’t worry, at the end of the article you will have clear picture on getting referrals for your business promotion. In general, the Internet is a dynamic and well connected medium. Internet users will move from websites to websites, pages to pages by doing a click and everything is heavily interconnected. So its really simple to bring referrals to your control.

If you want me to tell the secret, spreading the words (the referral links) about your product or website will get you referrals ! Now coming back to our question, how to get quick referrals ?

Referrals Via Article Marketing.

Article marketing is the oldest and so far the best strategy for getting referrals. Either to promote your product or your business, article marketing has the power to reach wider audience. There are tonnes of article submission sites which drives more readers to your articles. Most important things that you should consider in getting referrals through article marketing are as follows.

  • Give a value to the readers so that your referral page gains value.
  • Don’t over load the article with referral links.
  • Use the top and bottom of your article to have referral links.
  • Don’t force the reader to come to your referral page.
  • Make the reader to understand about your product or business. (thats more priority)

Apart from this, you should professionally write your articles with simple words and decently taking the reader to your referral pages.

The following are the best places to do article marketing in Internet.

  • Hubpages – It has more number of categories and you could write on any topic.
  • Squidoo – The best alternative for Hubpages founded by Seth Godin which is same like hubpages.
  • ezinearticles – The most recommended article sharing site which gains good rankings on search engines.
  • Other famous sites – articlebase.com, buzzle.com, articlegeek.com etc.

Try out article marketing, you will see great results because it drives more targeted visitors to your referral links.

Other Quick Ways of Getting Referrals.

Forum Marketing – Forums are the right place to embedded your referral links. Find out good number of quality forums with more readers on your topic. Join such forums and add your referral link into the signatures. So every time you post a comment on forums, your link will appear which creates more chances to get visitors to your referral page. Just have a habit of posting 1 or 2 comments on forums and over a period of time you will get more referrals.

Blog Commenting – Find out famous blogs on your topic and write comments on the blog posts. Put your referral link to the URL and this drives the readers of the blog to come to your referral page. Write a stand out comment that may create more chances to get visitors to your referral page. Like forum marketing, have a habit of writing 2 or 3 comments on blogs every day. In a month, you will see great results. For immediate results, become the first person to add comments on blog posts, you will get more visitors instantly to your referral page.

Start A Blog – You could even start a blog and write some articles/ related product reviews on that blog. Put your referral link on your blog too but it takes time to get visitors. But once if you started building useful content on the blog, you will get more readers from search engines. And that creates more chances of sending visitors to your referral links. Simple use blogger.com or wordpress.com to start a free blog. Blog promotion takes time so if you want instant results, avoid this approach.

Use PPC Networks – The best and costlier method is going for PPC advertising which drives quality and targeted traffic to your referral links. But the only thing you have to pay money for each visitor that your get. Google Adwords & Yahoo SBM are the best tools to start a PPC campaign now, it drives visitors instantly within a day. See how i raised the Adwords CTR in a day ?

Social Media Referrals – Social Media tools like Twitter, facebook, linkedin are the best places to spread your referral links. But you should need a bigger network of followers to spread your words which gives quick referrals.

Email Marketing – Join Google groups & Yahoo groups, find out similar bigger groups (which has more users) on your topic. Post mails to them about your business and products with your referral link. You will get instant visitors to your referral pages. But don’t send spam mails with false information, you will loose your credit !

Getting quick referrals to your product or business is extremely possible, if you follow the right steps. The above methods are the common, well known and proven methods to get quick referrals by means of spending reasonable Time & Money ! Don’t miss them !


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