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How To Earn Income From Affiliate Programs & Advertising ?


Now your online business site or blog is launched. You are publishing useful information in your blog, that’s great to hear. Its time to implement a monetary system and to see the PROFIT’s. In fact, monetizing your site is very simple and its commonly a known fact in Internet. Every webmaster/site owner knows these stuffs and nothing is new. I would say, this is the same old story to earn income from advertising and affiliate programs.

Lets go to the topic. Generally, monetizing your site involves following two methods.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is the most simplest method of monetizing your site.

How it works ?

It involves displaying ads on your site that are closely related to the published content. Whenever a visitor clicks on the ads you will be paid per click basis. So the number of clicks is directly proportional to the amount earned.

What are the Advertising Programs ?

Google Adsense, the famous advertising program that serves ads for almost any kind of topic.

Yahoo Publisher Network, which is famous next to Adsense (currently, for US country only).

Adbrite, Chitika, InText Ads like Kontera, Infolinks etc are some of the other advertising program that works good.

How Do I Monetize ?

You have to Sign up for any of these program, all are free to join. Basic requirement is that you should own a site. Once your account approved, you have to paste a piece of code on your site to display the ads (that you will come to know after joining). Its very simple, don’t worry.



It is advisable to start with Adbrite (or any other) and take a try first. This way you will learn something about Pay-per-click Advertising. Later you could move to Google Adsense, the best advertising program.

Some other advertising methods.

Selling Ads Space on Your Site. Using TextLink Ads you could directly sell advertisement space on your site and get paid. More sites for selling private ads.

Open Your Private Ads. You could find peoples who wants to put their Ads on your site and charge a monthly amount/rent directly from them. You could make an offer through your site itself.

Affiliate Programs.

Though I have written lot of articles related to affiliate programs, i recommend you to go over the basics of affiliate program (a lengthy article, don’t blame me).

How Affiliate Works ?

In general, Affiliate means “work for another”. Yes, you have to work for others by selling others product or services in your site. You will be paid commissions for each sale. So the number of sale is directly proportional to the amount of earnings. Its just linking a sales page from your site and whenever a visitor clicks and buys a product from that page, you will be paid. There’s nothing tough to understand or implement here.

What are the Affiliate Programs ?

Amazon, the well know famous online shopping mall. You could join a hand with amazon and promote a product of your choice. There are plenty of products covering almost all the topics.

Other affiliate systems that works good are Clickbank, Commission Junction, eBay which are paying more commission compared to amazon.

How Do I Monetize ?

Its the same, you have to sign up with any of these programs and the only requirement is you should own a site. After approval, you will be given with a piece of code or affiliate links (links that are pointing to the sales page) that you have to paste in your site.


The best suggestion I could give you is, the product that you are promoting from your site should be closely related to your topic. That means, there are more chances that the visitor seeing useful information in your site may like to buy that product from your site. Its a very simple logic. One more thing, you have to select a quality, best, useful product that everyone should feel good.

That’s it, these are the two simple methods for earning income from your online business site. Also, you must see this big list of advertising and affiliate programs.

Now the question, what really is required for good income ?

Just take a real world example, if have a super market and all the products are in place. If no one comes to your store, what will happen ? No business, right ? So it all depends on the huge volume of people coming to your store. The same principle applies here, more the number of visitors to your site, chances are more for higher income. So your ultimate aim should be keep the system well placed and to get more traffic to your site. You have to promote and market your online business with right strategies & thats our next step !

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