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How To Create Yahoo Ads Using Yahoo Search Marketing ?


Yahoo search marketing is great tool same like Google Adwords. Using Yahoo search marketing, you could promote your business to wider audience utilizing the yahoo search & content networks. It quickly drives targeted traffic to your website. Either a affiliate product or your own business product, you could make sales by driving traffic from Yahoo search marketing tools.

This post explains you the simple 6 steps on how to create a Yahoo Ad using YSM & to activate it !

Target Geographical Location

The first step is to select the target market. You could select the countries where you want to show the ads. Basically, geographically targeting the Ads to a particular set of audience.

target geographic location

Choosing Keywords For Ads

The second step is choosing the relevant keywords for which you want the Ads to appear. The more better targeted keywords yields you quality targeted traffic to your Ads. Hence you will get more customers too !

choose keywords

Fixing How Much To Spend ?

Next comes the pricing, you have to select the daily budget to run the Ad on YSM. It gives an estimation of the amount of impressions and the number of clicks you may get for that budget. You should decide a budget based on the “Return” or “value per sale” of the product chosen for promotion.

how much to spend

Create Ads.

The next step is creating the actual Ads. Fill up the title, description and URL. You have to use the keywords in title & description. A call-to-action & catchy words will drive more clicks to your Ads.

create ads

Account Information & Ads Activation.

Finally, you have to provide a username and password along with a mail id to activate your Ads.  You could use that username to login into account afterwards. You have to option to just save the ads so that you could activate them later.

account activate

Contact Details & Billing.

The final step is filling the contact details like address, phone numbers and the billing information. You can select either credit card or paypal payment option and fill in your card details. Once the transaction is complete, you ad will be up and runs after approval.

Contact address & Billing


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