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How To Convert Sales Page Visitors Wisely ?


When it comes to online based business, sales page plays a vital role in pushing the products. Either you sell your own product or promoting others product, you have to find the right visitors. I mean, you have to send targeted visitors to the sales page so that chances of conversion will be more. Hence its not about quantity of visitor, it is about target.

It will be totally unclear when you begin with promoting a product online. As a beginner, every one will face such problems.

One thing i understood with conversion is, you have to solve problems. Yes, find out the problems in the market and your product must address it with better solution. This way, people prefers to buy the product and that will be best strategy to sell products.

sale..sale..saleIn this article, i will take you through that simple strategy of problem-solution based product selling which definitely gives you the expected returns in long run.

First, Explain The Problem.

As i mentioned earlier, the product must address the problem in market. Find out the problems which are hot in the market and this has to be done in the earlier stage before you develop your product. However, when you are clear about the problem, you could build such a product as solution.

In order to wisely convert, you have to explain the problem in sales page. Since the visitor will also have that problem, he/she will become more emotional because you are speaking about their problem. Psychological way of marketing…

Tell the problem clearly and explain how it affects the visitor….

Show the Product As Solution.

The next step, your visitor is clear with the problem now. They are more serious about the problem now and they are curious to know the solution.

Now show your product as a solution.

This way, your visitors attraction comes more on the product. They expect to know more about the product because it has the power to solve problems.

All you have to explain the features of the product and tell how the problems are addressed with effective solution.

This gains visitor trust (learn the steps to gain visitors trust) and they will prefer to buy the product.

Do You Need Testimonials ?

Most of the testimonials are fake and added to scam the visitors. When you are launching a new product, testimonials are not really required. Going forward, you could see how the market reacts to your product and based on that, you could put real testimonials.

On the other hand, you could find successful people/websites in your market, contact them with your product and ask them to try it. Put their feedback as a testimonial which definitely has the power to attract lot of buyers to your product.

Track and Tweak Every Time.

When it comes to sales and conversion, experimentation helps a lot. You have to experiment everything because the nature of people varies from market-to-market. Track everything and measure the results every time. See how you could optimize your sales page to increase conversion.

Do experiments, do more experiments…

Final Thoughts….

Selling a product involves lot of dedication and you have to show that you are serious about the problems. Show that you are the best solution provider.

I mean – explain the problem first and show the product as a best solution. This way, your visitors are physiologically treated to buy the product.

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