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How Relevance In Affiliate Marketing Becomes Win-Win Situation ?


Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business especially for people who don’t have much time to operate an Internet business. The operational cost of Affiliate marketing is widely depends on the individual and your strategies to promote a product in Internet. Either paid methods using Advertising Networks or utilizing the free ways to sell products, ultimately you have to turn into a win-win situation towards increased income and profits.

One of the most important term in affiliate marketing is “Relevance” that many people never discussed or completely missed out. Being Relevant and contextual promotion definitely brings in the best results, for every business which involves selling products or providing a service to the end customer.

Lets see the variety of relevance and its nature that affects the every part of affiliate marketing from choosing the products to identifying the target audiences.

Target Affiliate Product.

The most important factor that decides the end result of your affiliate marketing campaign is Product Selection. If you are not clear about your target market then you could miss the game. The demand for the products in that market and the amount of supply decides the operational cost as well the competition struggles.

  • Practically speaking, when there are less competitors, you could easily find keywords for low rate in your Ad campaign. At the same time, your article/site catches the top position in SERP because of less competition.

People never leave such “profit markets”, if you are able to identify one that means you are nearing towards a win-win situation. Do you Agree ?

Your Target Audience.

Second comes the audience who are actually going to face your product/campaign. Being in the right market/product is the first step and bringing it in front of the right audience is the second step.

Audience are like “pitch level”, you have to fix the right level to hear the best sound. Its not like, you could show a product to every one in the world. That’s the scarred part of marketing, instead, focus towards the part of right people bring in so called Customers.

They are the one really interested in your product and in your business. They will buy from you and keep you with business profits. All your energy, effort and money that you spend for the right audience will definitely brings in right results in terms of increases sales.

Keep a note, showing an affiliate product to 10 targeted visitors is better than putting effort to show it for 1000 non-targeted visitors.

Relevance in marketing

The Marketing Chemistry.

Next comes the marketing strategy or i would call, “Marketing Chemistry”. Your marketing approach should produce a reaction to the audience. In terms of triggering a sale.If you are able to market in such a direction then that’s the best part of achieving more sales.

  • On the other way, from the Internet marketing point of view, content that you present to the visitor matters.
  • Contents are like text, images, video etc which actually adds value to your product and basically, it should clearly tell “What problem it solves?”.
  • If your sales page is confusing then you will loose every customer.
  • Inducing the sales by means of right content is the best approach in affiliate marketing. A simply written clear information and a link to the payment page are well enough to flood product sales. That’s what the industries leading affiliate marketers are doing !

Apply the right marketing inputs to your sales page, in order to get better reactions.


Success of an online business never comes straight forward. You have to think towards experimenting the strategies involved or taken. If you are not doing experiments that means you are not fully moving towards success.

  • Experiments are part of every business and it should go though out the life cycle of your affiliate marketing business.

Jump into variety of markets/products, utilize different promotional strategies, apply new thoughts and bring in different results. Keep a note of the results and measure the value of experimentation. This way, you will be in a better position very soon and you will have the right strategies in hand. Or simply follow, what successful marketers are doing !

Final Thoughts…

Finally, the best part of affiliate marketing needs to be every where, right from the product selection to triggering product sales.

  • Keep relevancy between the product, the audience and their expectations. When all these 3 (Product-Audience-Expectations) are in a straight line, you could make sales.

Bring in right audience to your sales page which has all the expectations filled ! More sales, more profits and you will be put into win-win situation very soon.



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