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How Beginners Should Make More Money From Freelance Business ?


As i always tell in my blog, freelancing is one of the best online business to make money from Internet. It has many advantages, you need not to be dependent on others. Just believe in yourself. Your skill set, your work experience and your time, everything drives your freelance business to earn.

As a beginner, it is really tough to start up your freelancing career. There are many obstacles especially in getting your first job. Yes, but once you are settle with few jobs in the beginning then you could easily survey. So getting the first job is crucial. This article helps those beginners, on how to make more money (being productive) from freelancing ?

Individual Skill Set And Experience.

Your skill set and your work experience plays the major role here. So the first thing, you have to be very clear on:

  • what do you know ?
  • what are the strengths ?
  • what are the areas of expertise ?
  • what you don’t know in your domain ?
  • List down all these and mark down the skill sets where you are highly expertise.

The most common mistake of fresh freelancers, they don’t have the clear picture of “what i want to work ?”. Being clear, helps you to locate the best jobs online.

Tweak Your Freelancer Profile.

Now go and check your profile. Find out, what you have missed ? what are the columns which looks dull ? Do the needful changes by clearly mentioning your area of expertise. Do not mention the areas, which are not comfortable to you or which you don’t have knowledge.

The idea is, mention the areas of expertise clearly. This way, your profile will be very much focused to your knowledge. And the job offers that you take clearly matches your expertise. That’s the “secret of freelancing” which makes you to find better jobs.

Hunting For First Job (Money Aside).

Once your profile is brushed, you are ready to hunt for first job. I would personally suggest:

  • Don’t just blindly apply for all jobs. Instead, go through the job description and see what the employer is expecting ?
  • If you are really able to meet their requirement (at least 50%) then apply for that job. Otherwise, find another job. Also, don’t increase your “per hour” charge more. The best way, find out what others are charging and keep a lower bid especially in the beginning stage of your freelancing career.

Don’t think too much about money, focus towards getting jobs and being productive.

Perfectness in Job Completion.

Once you took the first offer, you are about to fly. Take this as a golden oppurtunity and prove yourself. The most important factors in job completion are:

  • Schedule – You should finish the job according the planned scheduled. This way, you are satistying the employer and he reminds you to give the next offer.
  • Quality Delivery – Not just finishing on time, your deliveries should be quality and outstanding. At least, it should meet all the requirements of the employer.

Keep in mind that a satisfied employer never forgets you (because its a virtual office and employers don’t want to loose best freelancers).

Effective Time Management.

Time management plays a major role especially in improving the productivity of freelancers. It depends on individual lifestyle and how you are occupied in your day job. The best way, find the convenient time which best suits to work online and more important you should not get disturbances while working.

For day job workers, early morning and late night are the best time to work online. Also, fix the number of hours that you work per week and stick to that.

Planning is Everything.

As you plan your day-to-day works, have a plan for your freelance business too. This actually, makes you to work focused and eliminates the so called STRESS. Because for part-time workers, it will be tough to concentrate on second job, when you are fully occupied with a day job. When not properly planned, you will be stressed and productivity decreases. So plan and be comfort.

I am a part-time entrepreneur and blogging here in my spare time. I do plan my activities, manage my time to work more productive in a short duration of time.


I have classified freelancing as a “Work and Earn Model”. That means, if you work you make money, if you work more you make more money and if you don’t work you don’t make money. Based on your need/goals, invest work and time effectively, its in your hand.

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