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How Do Affiliate Marketing Fails ?


Failures are the next stepping stones for success. Do you know that failures are more common with affiliate marketing ? Not many people are successfully making money from affiliates. The question comes like How ? There are many reasons for affiliate marketing failure and I would say, that depends on the individual thought or methodology used to sell affiliate products.

But when we look affiliate marketing as a system, we could easily identify the failure reasons. Its always good to see the failure results because it gives opportunity to correct the failures in future. On other way, failure feedback’s with inputs to tweak your affiliate marketing strategy. It pays the way to make more money in future.

You had tried affiliate marketing as a business. Business Failures may happen for two reasons as follows:

Faulty Prediction.

Yes, you may predict something and try to sell the affiliate product but in reality, it won’t sell. For example, you would have taken a clickbank product which has good Gravity but upon launching your Adwords campaign you may see all your money rolls out. But no sales. That’s a faulty prediction. The reason could be you may fail to analyze the product or market or you have made a faulty prediction.

Faulty Strategy.

Now Faulty Strategy, the methods that you use to promote an affiliate product may go wrong. For example, you may stick to a single promotion method and you see failures again & again. Either you don’t want to try another methods or you don’t know the variety of methods to promote an affiliate product. You may be stick to Adwords/YSM & don’t even tried about article marketing.

I could think of these two as the major general reasons which may lead to affiliate marketing failure. Lets see some of the

Practical reasons how affiliate marketing business fails ?


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Head in Hands
Head in Hands

Not willing to Allocate Budget.

You are setting up PPC Ads using Adwords or YSM but you don’t have enough allocate budget to your campaign. You may ask now, how much budget do I allocate ?

Its simple, you could allocate the budget by 50% of your commission. Don’t kill your campaign by allocating 1$ or 5$, go by 50% allocation method. It may work better. This is the most common mistakes that beginners will do, think of your commission & fix the budget by 50%. Later you could increase the percentage as 100% to 200%.

Not willing To Increase Bid.

Next comes the bid for Cost-per-click (CPC). You may well start with 0.05$ but why you are staying only there ? Your Ad never reaches top 5 position, instead you have to slowly raise the bid after every few days or a week.

For example, say you get 100$ commission for a single affiliate sale. Then you could well set the bid to maximum of 0.40$ to get at least ~125 visitors (for 50$ budget) & you may get 2 sales at least. Which may gives you 200$ earnings & 100$ profit. But this always not happens, it depends on the keywords you select and the quality score/index too. Learn, how to Raise Adwords CTR in a day ?

Poor Keyword Targeting.

Keywords are the source of traffic from PPC ads. The sale or conversion depends highly on the keywords that you select to show your ads. Always have Laser Focused Keywords. The keywords should target your aim i.e., to sell a product. Then make sure, your keywords are aiming to buy a product.

Think like a visitor to buy product & select keywords accordingly. Don’t select all the keywords shown by Google Adwords Tool instead filter the keywords towards buying product. For example, if you select keywords with words buy, purchase, order etc. then it converts good. Don’t select keywords with words free, tips etc. it kills your conversion. Learn How to select keywords for traffic ?

Poor Landing Page.

Landing pages are the source of conversion next to keywords. Right keywords drives you right visitors but whether they buy your affiliate product or not ? That depends on the landing page. There is no secret or formula for Optimizing the landing pages. It depends on the type of product but you could always do experimentation’s by tweaking the landing pages. This article on Quality Sales Page may help you in that direction. One thing, always make your landing page with professional look that builds the Trust between the buyer & you.

SEO Holes.

On the another side, if you doing article marketing to sell affiliate products or selling on your own blog. You should pay attention to search engine optimization. Statistics says, search traffic converts better than any other source of traffic. And again keywords & content plays a major role apart from link building. You should brain wash the visitors mind to trigger a sale & you should use wiser marketing terms in your sales page.

If you fail to produce optimized content, your affiliate business fails without sales. Its again a game of experimentation, you should produce variety of content & build variety of links to your site to test.

Finally, Quality Less Affiliate Product.

Whatever magic you do, you could not sell a low quality product. Even if you make 1 or 2 sales, the truth will become open soon. So don’t waste your time on promoting low quality product. See how the product adds value to the buyer & select affiliate products. This is the major reason for affiliate marketing failure. Learn the steps to increase Affiliate Product Sale.

Okay, we are in the end now & its pretty clear that why do affiliate marketing fails ? There are few more reasons too but i could not see them as major. Knowing all these may definitely helps you to tweak your affiliate strategy so that you could sell more product & you will hugely making money in future.

I would like to say, select quality product from a demanding market/niche & promote in the right way. Your affiliate business never fails ![/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]


  1. This is a very thorough article on affiliate marketing. I have been at this for a long time and can tell you first hand that it does not happen overnight. You must work very hard for a long period of time and it will pay off. The key is never give up. Thanks for the article. Well worth the read.


    • That’s right John, it takes hard work in the right way and important to never give up, most of the beginner affiliates are failing because of these reasons…See you back. Thanks for your comment.


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