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More Ways To Grow Online Business Traffic With Your Website


Long time back, we discussed about the ways to grow online business traffic for your website. Most of the methods that we discussed are unusual and most uncommon ways. It is true that Traffic is the basement for any online business. Your web sites growth solely stands on, how much traffic it gets every day. Traffic decides income too. You are working on your web site for traffic and your major goal is increasing traffic. In this article, we will see some of the basic and common ways to drive traffic to your web site.

From my experience, i have identified the following are major source of Quality traffic. In fact, i have classified traffic as follows:

  • Surfer Traffic – Visitor who are just looking or surfing the Internet for information.
  • Research Traffic – Visitors who are looking about a product or a service. Basically, he wants to know the detailed information.
  • Buyer Traffic – Visitors who wants to buy a product or service from Internet.

Understanding the nature of traffic helps you to decide what kind of traffic you need for your web site. For example, if you are selling products then you should focus toward buyer traffic.

Traffic via Search Marketing.

Recent studies show that, business firms are largely investing on Search Marketing. See this article on US Search Marketing trend for 2009 to 2014. Its pretty clear that every business organization needs traffic and search marketing is one of the pay full method. The graph clearly shows how the volume of money spent for search marketing is increasing every year. Its a good sign that search marketing is hot in industry.

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing are the proven systems which drives you quality traffic from their search engines for rightly selected keywords. Decide your budget and setup your ad campaign today to drive quality targeted traffic in minutes.

TrafficTraffic via Article Marketing.

One of the oldest ways to get traffic to your web site is Article marketing. It never ends. Using the right keywords may help you to drive targeted traffic to your web site. For any online business promotion, use ezinearticles.com, hubpages.com & squidoo.com to drive traffic. It gives the right traffic from search engines as expected. They are viral too and your content spreads pretty faster over Internet. Check more Article marketing tips here.

Traffic Via Social Media Tools.

Internet is real-time now. Even search engines are becoming real time too. This is due to the effect of social media tools like Twitter, Facebook etc. The Latest trend shows the number of unique visitors coming to Twitter & facebook over the years of 2008, 2009 & for 2010. It clearly shows that Twitter, facebook are showing upward trend. That means Internet users are more & more addicting to these tools. This social media influences every part of Internet business and it helps to drive volume of traffic to your web site. There is a believe that social media traffic converts less but it purely depends on your network or audiences.

Definitely, there are even more ways to grow traffic to your online business web site. But in reality, a web site with quality, useful information never fails to get traffic especially from search engines. Always keep visitors at importance and serve them with quality in all aspects.

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