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5 Tips For Avoiding Pyramid Scheme as Suggested by FTC


Here I would like to give you the 5 major tips for avoiding pyramid schemes, these are suggested directly by Federal Trade Commission (FTC). First of all pyramid scheme is a business method involves enrolling of people for the scheme, making money in turn. Its something same like the pay-per-lead schemes.road-sign-464641_640

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  1. Don;t buy a product online without knowing exactly what the product really offers.
  2. Don;t believe in the false promises of making more profit through a “magical no work business”. Keep in mind, in this world you can’t earn money without doing any work. Even for stealing, you have to plan and execute perfectly.
  3. Don;t trust the Tributes/Feedbacks given by other customers, while purchasing a money making product from any website. That could be fake one.
  4. Don;t give your money under forcible circumstances. Its like, asking money for fake services.
  5. Don;t accept any online offers without getting confirmation from the Business Bureau.

The FTC requests everyone to do better investigation before buying any product or service through Internet especially for online business based opportunity. They have also suggested to do a preliminary investigation to first before reacting to any schemes. You must ask others who have already participated in a pyramid scheme or purchased such a product before taking a decision.

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