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The Frugal Freelancer – Watching The Dollars And Staying Functional


Freelancers, particularly in their early stages, go through a seemingly endless period of “austerity”, bordering on psychosis. Everything costs money, and getting the money in is a real issue. There are ways to deal with everything from computer support to ISP issues without going nuts, which most freelancers can’t afford to do anyway.

Equipments For Freelancer.

The standard equipment for a freelancer, especially those who are working hard, is all practical.
This is survival gear, and should be viewed in the same way:

1. The Computer

Preferably buy a clone, rather than a proprietary model, because these are easier to fix quickly. These computers can also be customized, so if you need a super colossal graphics or video card, it can simply be installed. You can do a clean install of any operating system on one of these machines, removing the proprietary parts issues.

2. External hard drive

Don’t assume your hard drive will never crash, because they do. Get a good plug in type with a large memory. That means you won’t have the unholy, gut-wrenching experience of finding ten years work was getting fried when you heard that repetitive beeping from your computer. Don’t get cheap about this. The external hard drive is the choice between a disaster and a hiccup.

3. A spare computer

This can be a simple, no-frills thing, but it must be able to do the job. A week is an eternity to be without a computer, and it’s expensive in terms of lost work, as well as costs to fix it. The spare computer can be set up easily and you can just copy your files on to it.

4. Spare keypad

A working freelancer can got through a keypad a year or so quite easily. The poor things look like a World War One battlefield. Keep them clean, and they last longer, but make sure you’ve got a spare.

Frugal Freelancer...


Most people make the mistake of being either too free spending or too cheap with their ISPs. If you’ve got wireless, you’ll find a few plans that are OK, but they’re generally miserly on GB limits.

  • ADSL is usually faster and quite reliable, and the most you’ll ever have to do is replace the router occasionally.
  • You also get more GB, and don’t have to put up with the furniture-chewing frustration of being slowed down.
  • Stick to a budget, and add about $40 a month, less than $2 a day, to cover these things.

Anti virus and spyware

This is one of the few areas where a subscription makes more sense than buying a disk. Some anti virus software on disks, including big name brands, is utterly useless. If you’ve ever been hit by 5 Trojans in four seconds, and found that your big name brand missed it completely, you’ll appreciate how useless. PC Tools Spyware Doctor, AVG and others have subscription software that will do the job reliably.

Computer services

You need:

  • Instant access to the computer repairs provider, who should preferably be local.
  • Clear upfront fees. The best service guys are actually quite cheap.
  • Efficiency. The pros can do anything you need done promptly and quickly.


If you use a Mac or proprietary computer (HP, Dell, etc.) needing authorized service. Make sure you’ve got a really good local computer service locked in. Find a specialist, and check out fees for Macs, payment options, and time frames.

Stay functional with your freelancing equipments, you will be watching dollars roll into your pocket 🙂


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