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How Do Freelancers Should Select The Best Job Offers ?


The important step that every freelancer has to take is selecting the best suited job offer. You are selling your experience and knowledge, you are going to work for an employer. You are expecting to make money too. There are many criteria around a freelancer to take a wise decision every day. Now the question is, how to select the best job offers ? Lets see in detail…

Matching Your Skill Set.

First of all, the job offer that you are going to select should match your skill set. Don’t pick offers for the namesake or just considering the payment they offer. The priority that you should give is Skill set. Do the requested skill set, matches with your experience or knowledge ? Because, it should not happen that you select an unmatched or partially matched job and later struggling to complete. Find and select the best suited job offer especially which matches your experience, knowledge.

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Best Job ?
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Availability of Time.

Time is the most critical factor in freelancing career. There are cases or days where you could not find time to work online. So depending upon the work schedule plan ahead before selecting the job offer. It should not happen that you pick the offer but not able to complete it “On Time”, even though you are capable to finish it. “Meeting the deadlines”, is more important in freelancing because employers are always worried and hurried about their Targets/Plan.

Do Money Matters ?

What if the employer is not ready to pay your expectation ? Say, you expect 20$ per hour but employer offers only 10$ per hour. I would say, its completely dependent on individuals expectation. Either you could “Negotiate the offer” or simply take a decision to reject or agree. Again, its based on your maturity level as a freelancer. If you are a successful freelancer and you could easily get other job offers then you could reject it. My advice, during the initial stage of your freelancing career don’t much bother about money. Focus towards Gaining experience and knowledge. Money rolls into your pocket automatically.


Finally, selecting the best job offer depends on 3 major factors:

  • the skill set, availability of time and your wages.

Have an eye on all these factors while looking for a job offer, definitely you will choose the best one. Always work towards delivering quality results to your employer as well keep yourself in learning mode. This way, “Success” stands near you forever in the game of freelancing.

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