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Freelancers, blogging and pushing the right buttons


If you’re a freelancer, particularly if you’re a writer, web or graphic designer, you’ll have noticed that blogs and blogging form a staple part of the professional diet. In many cases so many blogs tend to blur into a “samey” effect, and it’s pretty easy to underrate the potential of blogging for generating business and interest in your work. Don’t do that. Blogs, like SEO and good quality professional products, can really get your career moving.

Blog selection- Blogs as business partners

Blogs are information, entertainment, and interest generators. People read them because they’re interested in the topics, and they need to get useful results to look any further. Blog quality is a good indicator of how useful a blog can be to freelancers.

Picking the right blogs is essential to publicizing your work and expanding your own market. It helps you direct your efforts to the areas where they’ll be most productive. The best blogs, even the terrifyingly and sometimes obsessively fashionable ones, have a dedicated audience who routinely check them out. The audience for these blogs tends to be experts or extremely interested consumers.

This is a dream audience for professionals. These are the people who actually do know what they’re talking about, and don’t have to be told in baby talk what you’re talking about. Most freelancers know only too well what trying to blog to an uninformed audience is like.

Push it
The quality control process

Blog selection is a quality control, and a critical part of effective marketing.

For example:

If you’re a graphic designer, you target good quality blogs in:

  • Advertising
  • Web design
  • Professional graphic sites
  • Logo design
  • Media
  • Consumer graphics services
  • Professional artist blogs

You’ll notice this spectrum of blogs includes some blogs which aren’t directly connected to customers. The others are a form of networking and extended market reach, and they’re also often used by people looking for graphic designers, checking out the top of the range. Blogs on “How to work with a freelance graphics contract” are just as interesting to the clients as they are do graphic designers.  These clients are top range clients, who will check out and compare graphic artists and comments to get more information. If you write a blog on freelancing and include some examples of your work, it’s like a free ad for yourself, it’ll be online forever, and it’s time well spent.

Pushing the right buttons- The blog as a working part of your business

The absolute truth about blogs is that they’re huge opportunities for freelancers to provide a lot of useful information and incentive for clients to start sending you business, when done properly.

Use your blog materials to highlight both your professional knowledge, range of skills, and experience. This is very like search engine optimization, done with a conscious series of triggers to create interest. These buttons must be pushed to get business.

  • Make it clear you’re an expert, show your work to its best advantage, include useful links wherever possible (stick to blog guidelines, though) and hammer in your message.
  • Use good visual examples from your commercial portfolio.
  • Be accessible through the blogs.

The rest is easy. You’ve found the right market.

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