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How To Get Free Traffic For Affiliate Sales ?


So you are running an affiliate campaign and want to get free traffic to your sales page. That’s a great idea, if you are getting free traffic (targeted traffic) then even a single product sale results in making money with 100% profit.

Then it’s a gold mine. You should not miss that opportunities.

Okay, now how to get such free traffic for making 100% profit out of every affiliate sales?

Here are the simple methods which doesn’t take much time to drive free traffic.target

Same Old Article Marketing But In Different Approach.

Yes, article marketing is the well-known method of driving targeted traffic to your sales page. Writing & publishing related articles to article submission sites embedding your own links will drive traffic to your sales page. That’s always a good idea. But you have to do that in a different approach. What are they?

Do Guest Blogging instead of Article Submission. Submitting articles to article submission sites is one way but doing a guest post on a related blog in that topic is a great idea. How ?

Generally, if you do a guest post on a well-established blog, chances are like you will get 100% targeted traffic. These ~100% visitors will be the readers of that blog who are well linked to your product. So your product & sales page gets that publicity to the targeted audience. In fact, writing a guest post is free on almost all the blogs.

So go and find such established blogs in the product’s topic & do guest posting. You will get more search traffic to your articles too because you are publishing on an authority blog.

Social Sharing. Promote that guest article by doing social share. Use onlywire service, using that you could share your article instantly to multiple sites in a single click.

Create Twitter Profile or Facebook Page.

Go and create a Twitter profile which is named closely related to your affiliate product. Link your affiliate sales page from Twitter. Build your twitter network.

Have a practice of spending 10-20 minutes on Twitter by following at least 20 new RELATED people’s daily. Follow only active Twitter members because they will follow you back mostly without fail. This way, in a week you will get 100-200 followers to your newly created profile.

Now promote your product using Twitter, sending tweets. If you have more related users chances are there for making sales.

However, once you built a huge follower on Twitter, you can easily convert them into buyers.

Similarly, you can create a facebook page and start sharing relevant articles from other famous blogs (you can use a tool like IFTTT). This way, you can slowly drive Likes to your fan page. Once you built a huge fan base, you can promote related affiliate products to them.

It’s a slow process.

Utilizing Forum Thread with Problems.

Using forums (add your sales page link to signature) for driving traffic to your affiliate sales page is a great idea. It takes only 1-2 minutes to post a reply.

Have a practice of posting daily (at least 5 posts per day). The only thing, you have to post a reply on the relevant topics/discussions. If the forum thread goes about a problem then your product (linked from signature) should be the solution for that problem.

So find such targeted forum posts & put your replies. That really makes sense, to get quick targeted traffic.

Find out more Forum Marketing Tips.

Following Trends For Sales.

Doing product sales by market trend is another great idea. Do you know Google Trends?

It gives the live list of keywords which are hotly searched by people on Google. So have an eye on these periodically.

If you find a niche or product based hike in the Google Trends then jump and post an article in article sharing sites (Squidoo) on that hot topic embedding your affiliate sales page link. You will see a huge spike in your traffic on your sales page.

But that traffic may go down suddenly in few days when the hotness of that product/topic goes down.

So wait for next opportunity and do the same. This way you will find more new products to sell & you will get quick free targeted traffic ending in making 100 % profits.

Learn how you can increase affiliate product sale.

Of course, if you don’t have a blog? you can create a blog self-hosted using WordPress and turn that blog as a business.

Apart from regular, PPC Advertising using Google Adwords, Facebook Ads or Bing Ads, its always good idea to try out these methods for free traffic.

Don’t stop your experimentation’s, try new methods every day in your spare time. You will see great results soon.

Keep in mind that always a quality sales page getting targeted free traffic can make 100% profit for every sale.

Good Luck.


  1. Yes of course we can get more traffic from social networking and social bookmarking sites but I have some doubt about guest post where can I find these type of blogs? By the way your all posts have power.

    Mohammad Shadab

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  3. this is good info, i have been reading alot of these posts here latley and despite what most people say about article and blog marketing being a nightmare and time consuming, its not really that at all. you just gotta get involved in it and then blast off!!! thanks for the good content.

  4. The goal of this article is to simplify social media marketing and show you how all the different elements in the social media world interact to help you get traffic for your website, exposure for your brand, and sales for your company.

  5. This was some great info That i will start to use asap. I never thought about the twitter page though. I have one question if i am promoting more then one product can I just group them under a main topic to have less twitter pages or it doesn’t matter?

    • it is okay to promote multiple products on a single twitter account, provided the products are related to your followers. Thanks for your comment, James.

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