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5 Feature Rich Shopping Carts (Free & Open Source)


You might have only a few products, why do you need a shopping cart? A robust shopping cart system will allow for easy expansion, accept multiple currencies, offer your customers suggestions, and allow your customers to review your products.

Online shopping carts are great for business owners who have a lot of similar items. You do not have to spend anything to get a full, feature-rich shopping cart.

One of these open-source solutions should do the trick.shopping

1. Zeuscart:

  • Only a few steps separate you from having a fully integrated, fully functional shopping cart system on your site.
  • You do not have to know HTML coding with Zeuscart, but you can tweak and customize your page to match your tastes.
  • You can tag your products and organize them according to their popularity, maintain real-time inventory control, and highlight your featured products.
  • The interface offers purchase-based suggestions and recommendations to your customers. You have unlimited categories and sub-categories at your disposal.

2. Magneto:

  • Manage your catalog easily and effectively with the Magneto Community shopping cart.
  • Multiple payment options are supported. Each facet is configurable to your store’s requirements.
  • Customers have the option to download products directly from their account, ship to multiple addresses, and filter their personal search results.
  • Each product that is placed into the site can have multiple images, perfect for clothing lines. You can easily offer coupons at a single store or at multiple stores. Your commerce site is search engine optimized.

3. OSCommerce:

  • The developers of OSCommerce are continually striving to make their product better.
  • This site uses basic HTML product descriptions and numerous forms of payment. There is support for shippable and downloadable products.
  • The software itself is completely multilingual, offering English, German and Spanish by default. This shopping cart keeps track of varied statistics, highlighting them on the customer pages.
  • OSCommerce offers an automated display of specials and draws the attention of visitors to the site. You can also create bestseller lists with OSCommerce.

4. OpenCart:

  • OpenCart has a host of features within its suite.
  • It can handle multiple languages and currencies. Users can input their reviews and ratings.
  • There is detailed back-end reporting so that store owners can get a well rounded idea of how well their store is doing. You have unlimited products and categories at your disposal.
  • You can offer related products pages and information pages. You can sell either physical or downloadable products. Offer the latest featured products for the perusal of your visitor.
  • You can also install Google Analytics on your site. After setting up this software, there is minimal effort needed to get it going.

5. TomatoCart:

  • One complaint that customers have about shopping online is that they have to create an account to shop for their goods.
  • With TomatoCart, users do not have to create accounts to purchase products. You can integrate many features into your shopping cart, including a newsletter, emails and wish lists.
  • As a vendor, you can offer downloadable, virtual and simple products. You will receive support for your products and inventory control at the touch of a button.
  • You can offer your customers suggestions, feature different products, cross-sell, and upsell all of the products within your site.

A great shopping cart system will save you time and money. It will generate more sales by automating the process of up selling and cross-selling your products.

It will keep your users informed by performing many auto-responder functions. The best shopping cart systems will offer a great community and support system for questions and concerns. Set up a feature-rich shopping cart system on your site, automate the process, and spend more time on vacation.

Take a look at below video which lists the top eCommerce platforms:


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