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Free AdWords Course For Beginners


Do you want to achieve great success with your Online Business in order to get targeted traffic and conversion ? Then you must refer to this Adwords Online Classroom Course released by Google. I just came across this course from Google’s site and found this informative. If you want to start an affiliate business or to drive traffic to your web site then you must take this course. It helps you to understand everything from creating an Adwords account to track the Ads for conversion especially for beginners.

Here is the outline of Adwords Course.

Getting Started.

  • Create your account
  • Get to know your account
  • How to build a successful AdWords account
  • Why can’t I see my ad?

Improving Your Account Performance.

  • Get the most from your website with Website Optimizer
  • Improve your AdWords performance with key tips
  • Use AdWords data to strategically improve your account


Controlling Your Costs.

  • Maximize your advertising ROI with Conversion Optimizer

Analyzing Your AdWords Performance.

  • Track your AdWords ROI using Google Analytics
  • Set up your Analytics account to track ROI
  • Track your AdWords ROI using Conversion Tracking

Expanding Your Reach & Focusing On Your Audience.

  • Improve your Content Network performance
  • Reach more potential customers through the Google Content Network

Checkout now the Free Adwords Online Classroom Course here.

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