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Free Advertising Your Online Business – How To?


Note: This page is outdated and no longer I am interested to update it.

In the century of Internet, we have plenty of Advertising techniques for boosting your money making online business. Here I would like to just remind you the major free of cost techniques involved in boosting up your online business via free advertising.

For any kind of online business, this crucial formula applies “more visibility, gives more revenue“. Just to say, more visibility means more visitors. In Internet, Visibility is through Links. So the more your links are spread over the Internet, you will get more visitors and hence more money.

Build advertising gateways.

This is the most effective and advisable method of driving free advertising for your site. Its simple. Add your website link in other websites. This could be easily done, look for similar neighbors like you. But take care to find out the right neighbour, he should have more traffic already. So that your site will get some percentage of traffic from others.

With this method, you could easily increase atleast 20% of your overall visibility free of cost.

Advertising your quality articles.

If you are good in writing, do write some quality articles. Publish the article in some of the famous article submission sites like ezinearticles, articlebase, streetdirectory etc. As you know, put your sites URL in signature or in authors note.

Do Guestly Writing

Do guest posting in other websites. But you have find out the websites or blogs who are offering for guest posting. Look for sites which are related to your business or product. A single quality post builds great trust to your visitors.

Free Classifieds To Play.

Numerous paid advertising programs are there like Adsense, YPN etc. that most of the peoples know. But even there are free classified ads in the Internet, there you could publish your ads for free. Some of the online free classified advertising programs are Free Advertising Forum, Classifieds Free, Ad To Ad. Try them out.

Free To Do Image Publishing

Create images like icons, banners, logos and put your sites URL in the bottom or in the corners. Publish those images to resource sharing sites like shutterstock, etc. Peoples may download your images, hence freely advertised. Also, you could earn some money through Photo publishing in those sites.


Active In Discussion Forums

Participate in discussion forums, the grand father way of free advertising. Add your sites URL to your signature. Find out forums related to your subject, that makes more sense.


Join and Gain Social Networking.

Its the method of connecting to others online. Good example is the Twitter, a social networking and micro-blogging service that allows users to send and read other users updates (known as tweets). Facebook is yet another example. Your products visibility and popularity will increase once you join these networking programs.

Launch Business Press Release.

Launching a press release for your newly started online business, increases the visibility across the Internet. It demonstrates the product or your website or the service offered to others. Learn, how to make press release ? for more information.

Publishing Free brochure or eBooks.

Offering free ebooks or product brochures over the Internet marks your online presence hardly. It should carry the links to your affiliate product or to your websites through out the ebook.

This is an immortal way of free advertising since this will be circulated from one person to another person for free in this Inter-networked world. Content matters here.


Car Advertising.

Print the URL in the back of your car, its a real world advertising technique. Wherever you drive, its visible to the public. Add a catchy title below your URL, it makes peoples to try out your site sometime when they are free. This sounds great, right ???

Thats it. Atleast, this increases atleast another 20% of your overall website traffic and hence free advertising.

Finally, Catch The Search Engine.

Everyone wants to catch the search engines first page, especially on Google. You don;t need to fight like a hero to catch the first place. Implement the very basic seo tips for your website and provide your visitors with quality service. For product based website, you have to provide your visitors with quality service in terms of ordering and shipments. Find out, Website Improvement Steps ?

Offering quality service makes others to link back to your website, this directly automates increasing your position or rank with search engines. Simple Right ? Statistics says, search engines are the 75 % traffic source for any website.

Keep in mind, free advertising feeds your online business with 100% profit.


  1. The most important thing in your online business is finding ways to attract visitors. If sex sells and brings in visitors, then that’s a good way to give you profits. Be sensible about how you bring in visitors.

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  3. defining who your visitors need to be in the desgin phase will go along way in ensuring success, attracting visitors then trying to sell or get interest, for something they are not looking for is a way to have high hits, and no revenues. Always make sure you are on the top of the wave, when you see too many other on the wave with you, get off, and do something else, you, should always be ahead of at least the script affiliates and newbies

  4. First of all THANKS to the author for posting this article. basically i am a blogger hosting 4 blogs but frequently updating only 2 blogs. one is related to science and tech articles (xpress4ideas.blogspot.in) and another is about my photography (viewhub.blogspot.in). i am impressed the way you explained about spreading the BLOGS.



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