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Forum Marketing Tips For Marketing Your Online Business Free


Forum marketing is one of the cheapest source of marketing your online business. This gives the flexibility for you to show your business and your brand before the crowd of targeted audience. Because most of the forum users are real experts and also beginners in that forum topic. So you could get a mixed level of audience to your business. And more importantly, you could market your business free of cost and hence increased profits.

This articles shows you the tips to market your online business for free without paying a single bit of money using forums.

Selecting Suitable Forums.

You have to select the best suitable forum to promote your business. It is not like you could join any forum with more number of users. It all depends on how well the forum topic and your business are related. The more related and linked to each other you will be getting more targeted visitors. Here are the tips to select the right forum.

  • Search Google for + “forums” and you could find all the available forums in the world on your topic.
  • Now go to each and every forum site and check out the number of users, number of forums posts, number of topics covers in that forum.
  • Check out the quality of the posts and the amount of good replies. This helps to identify the forum which has vast number of experts available. Check out they have good Alexa rank & Google pagerank.
  • Finally, short list the best forums (enough at least 5-7 good forums) and join them immediately.

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Lets Speak Loud In Forums
Lets Speak Loud In Forums

image: Alexdecarvalho

Understand The Forum Rules.

Once you have joined the forums, spend some time to understand the forum rules. Every forum will have a set of rules and you have to strictly follow them. Most of the forums will cancel your account if you are violating the rules. So first understand the rules and proceed. You have to check the following,

  • Do links are allowed to post in message ?
  • Do affiliate links are allowed to post ?
  • Do signatures with links are allowed ?
  • Is there any other restrictions on the content & user interaction ?

Note Down Before Marketing Your Business.

You can’t start forum marketing instantly. You have to take good time to watch the forum. Yes, watch the forum activities for some days. Find out the nature of the forum and nature of interaction happening in the forum. Without understanding the nature of the forum, you could not market your business. Find out what kind of posts are coming and pay attention to read those responses. Basically, you have to identify the maturity level of the forum users. Knowing the maturity level of the users helps you to take the right approach accordingly to present your business before the forum users. So don’t post a message instantly, wait and watch the forum for few days.

First Slow Interaction And Start Effective Marketing.

Once you have the full understanding of the forum, start with slow interaction. That means, post a message once or twice in a day first. Don’t post too many messages in the first few days. Instead, post quality content and try to give right solution to few peoples. This way, you could gain some trust from the existing forum users. The next step to setup your business marketing into the forum. Enable the signature, add links to your business website and also for the sale/affiliate pages. Now you could increase the number of postings and keep on putting quality replies. You could publish content related to the forum in your site and link them from the forums. This way your business will get targeted visitors directly from forums. Giving solution and solving others problem are the best way to drive the forum traffic to your site and to build trust on your business.

You could show your product to the forum members and also offer them a special discount. Or even you could give them a trial usage of your product. This way, you could easily promote your product and hence 100% profit with out spending a bit of money.

The success of forum marketing depends on how good you are building the trust among the forum members and how far you are helping others. Come on, don’t waste the opportunity to use forums for marketing your business free of cost.



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