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How To Experiment Affiliate Product Sales ?


Recently, we discussed like after selecting an affiliate product how to sell ? in Internet. There we identified that experimentation is very important for Affiliate Marketing. Its really true that every business needs experimentation. Experiment goes through out the life cycle of your online business. When it comes to affiliate product sales, you could not sell huge products on the first shot. It actually takes time to get tweaked. Lets see how to experiment your affiliate strategy towards increasing the product sales.

Gradual Start Up.

Giving a bigger start up for the first time without experience may not work. Instead, break the strategy into multiple stages and give a gradual start. In practical, start with few affiliate products.

  • Go to your affiliate network and select only one product which gives the best solution to the buyer.
  • For promoting the product, take one method at a time. For example, if you are not sure about the returns then don’t go for PPC Advertisements. (You may loose your money)
  • Write a review about the product and publish in article marketing sites (Hubpages to start with), embedded the affiliate link.
  • Drive traffic to that article.
  • Measure the results.
  • Write another article and wait for results.

Based on the results, decide whether to proceed with that product or find another affiliate product. If you don’t see good results then take another product. Have only the performing products in hand.

Don’t play with more than 2-4 products at a time during the start up stage.

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Experiment It !
Experiment It !

Divide And Improve Experiment.

Its one of the best business improvement strategy. As an example, it involves:

  • Experiment with 2 (or 4) products.
  • Measure the sale results.
  • Drop the poor performers.
  • Take another product and repeat the same.

This way, over a period of time you will be having only the best products in hand. Similarly, try out article marketing, ppc ads, guest posting and promote the product sales. Finally, take the most comfortable strategy which works out to sell. I personally recommend, give less importance of PPC Ads in the earlier stage.

Sign Up Page Experiment.

Sign Up page experiments drives better results. It involves, designing a sign up page and ask the visitors to join. Offer them free downloads for sign up. Drive huge traffic to the sign up page and gather huge list of customers (email ids). Now send mails to your customer list, marketing the affiliate products.

  • You could use Aweber a paid email management service or Freeautobot a free email management service.

Many successful Internet Marketers are using this signup page strategy to increase their affiliate sales. You have to work initially to build the email list but once done, you could reap the results. To make simple, there are many sites to buy such sign up pages (Unique Blog Design Squeeze Theme is one to refer here).

Avoiding Affiliate Mistakes.

Humans are born to mistake but we could correct the mistakes. Its common that, you will be making mistakes until you don’t you are doing a mistake. 🙂 Either somebody has to pinpoint the mistake or you will realize only on failure. But prevention is better always that you will know from other experienced people.

Finally, every business requires experimentation. You have to measure the results and tweak your strategies until you see better returns. Affiliate marketing is one of the best online business, if you are following the right steps. It fails most of the time, if you don’t care. Don’t directly jump into PPC Ads, its like a flood where you will loose your money.

I made that mistake, when i started doing affiliate marketing and realized that, there are many other free ways to sell products. Currently, i don’t do affiliate marketing instead focusing towards the strong growth of my blog. Definitely, i will jump back once my blog reaches that level of success (planning to sell products through my blog).

Now read the ways to sell affiliate products free of cost, which actually gives 100% profit on every sale.



  1. That is good advise to only focus on 2-4 products. I tell clients with Adwords to do the same. Perfect the system before you enlarge it with more products or budget spending. Good work on the site.

    • Yes Gabriel, many of the beginners do that mistake by taking a bunch of products and they crack their head ! Even, i did that same mistake in the earlier stage.

  2. Well if the advice given here is as bad as the punctuation, spelling a the use of the English language then I don't believe I will bother with any of it.
    One thing I know for certain is that if you are going to publish something on the web you need to edit, edit and then edit it again.
    You don't really want the world to think you never got out of Jr. High school do you.

    • Thanks for your comment Rick. English is not my native language and i always work towards correcting the mistakes. Now I spell checked this article.

  3. That is good advise to only focus on 3-5 products. Very interesting and will surely be helpful! Thanks again for the article!


    p.s. I too wrote one article about money making affiliate here!


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