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Essential Online Business Tools That Are Free To Use


In general, tools are the driving force for your online business to perform any kind of the activities automated, with perfection and with the ease of comfort. Even for running a successful online business, we are in need of tools that really works good. Here the essential tools for your online business that are available for free and best to use. Don’t Miss It.

Keyword Research or Selection Tools.

Selecting the right keywords for your online business website is the key thing to win the traffic from search engines. Here the must use tools to estimate the “worth of keywords”.

Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool – This tools is powered by wordtracker’s API and it is giving a wider statistics from various sources like Google, Yahoo, Wordtracker etc. It shows more related keywords that helps to wider the scope of keywords.

Google Adwords Keywood Tool – The keyword analyser directly from Google. You could enter the descriptive words or even input the web URL to get more keyword ideas. Its shows the average search volume in Google search engine for the past month and for the recent 12 month period. This is a valuable tool Worth to use.

HTML or Complete Web Analyzer Tools.

W3.org has the complete list of web accessibility evaluation tools. This contains the list of all software tools and online based tools that helps to analyze your website. It evaluates whether the accessibility guidelines are met or not for your website.

The list is very much wider comprising of both free and commercial tools. The following two tools are must needed for any kind of web site.

W3C Markup Validation Service – checks the W3C HTML compatibility of your web site. Helps to diagnosis your site and to identify the HTML specific errors and bugs.

W3C CSS Validation Services – Checks the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) code of your web site for the W3C conformance.

Browser Compatibility Verification Tools.

When it comes to browser compatibility, your web site must be accessible with any browser. Because you don’t know what browser the visitor is using. So we must be ready for any kind of browsers. To check that compatibility, AnyBrowser helps us.

The following are the must to use tools from Any Browser.

SiteViewer – It gives a line-by-line view of the website and surprised to see how the content is really organized in our website. Its a great tool, its giving the results in seconds.

LinkChecker – Tool to find out the dead links in your web site. This tools helps to validate whether the links are still valid or not. You know, dead links are the enemies of search engines, so knock them off with this tool. Its doing a complete analysis for your web site. I would say this is a “Link Doctor Tool” !!!

Visit AnyBrowser to see more related and useful tools.

The above tools are regularly used by us and good thing its available for free. If you want to run a perfect online business, for sure you need to use these kind of tools. Of course, it gives you the real comfort and ease.

Let us inform if you know more such tools, we will definitely include here in future (along with a link to the referrer).




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