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Email Marketing Wins Over Social Networks – Report by Econsultancy


Econsultancy had revealed that ecommerce consumers are buying products more via Email than Social networking sites. eCommerce industry is growing very faster day-by-day and there are great increase in consumers too. Its quite interesting to do a research on the consumers behavior because it actually reveals the real truth. Internet marketing strategies are evolving every year and there are numerous methods to promote sales. Out of these, finding the best suited strategy for your online business is the real challenge.

This research has been conducted on UK and US audiences and it compares the various sources like email marketing, social networks (Facebook, Twitter), Phone marketing, Live chats etc.

Few of the interesting factors released by eConsultancy are:

  • 38% of consumers are not using Social Networking sites
  • 61% of consumers are using search engines to research the product before taking a buy decision
  • 75% of social network users are young people
  • Electronics and computer related products are most researched online
  • 36% of consumers are triggered to buy products via Email

Their statistics shows the following data, How consumers are triggered to buy products ? (basically, the medium of advertising products to customers).

  • 42% of people are buying via Email Notifications
  • 33% of people are buying through telephones
  • 17% of people are using online chats
  • 3% on Facebook
  • 1% on Twitter

Where To Download This Report ?

If you want the full report, it costs $249 but there are free samples available from the below links:

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  1. Between email marketing and social media, I think business marketers pay more attention to email marketing for its convenience, low-cost and far reaching targets, and there are many email marketing services. For example, if you want to promote new products, you can use Comm100 Newsletter. It can collect and manage the contact list, send free emails to targeted members and track the status of the sent emails. However, there is no doubt that it will be better to adopt email marketing and social media together.


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