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Ecommerce Business Mistakes To Avoid In Launching Stage


Here I would like to list down the very common mistakes people make in launching the ecommerce business. Keeping these mistakes in mind as tips makes you to understand and avoid those mistakes. Learning from mistakes is the key to success.

Poor market knowledge.

Lack of doing a market research, launching the business without knowing how the target market is.  Market, is the place or domain where you are going to stand out your business from the competition. But if you don’t know the market, think what will happen ? Success comes from how far you are knowing the market.

Improper Business Planning.

Failed to finding out the realistic expectations about what is really required, in launching and managing the ecommerce business site. Lack of proper business plan. A business plan, is the key thing in executing the activities of your online business in right way. Planning lays the real road map of the business to move on to the next levels.

Rushing Out In Hurry.

Rushing more to do the start up activities leads to hit the dead end. Don;t rush, invest your time well. The more time you spending the initial stage helps in the near future to achieve the success in the right way. Stick to the plan always, spend right amount of time in starting an ecommerce business.

Avoiding Competitors.

Competition, is the major enemy in any kind of business. This depends on how you are managing the competition, ending with positive or negative results. Understand the competitors and take actions accordingly to beat them gently. Read this to beat your online business competition.

Prize of Quality.

In business, quality is everything. Offering a low quality service or product through your business leads to failure launch. You could look for the other related successful websites like ebay, amazon etc to know how they are really offering quality service. I am not saying you to follow them but learn the quality and serve the same in your way uniqely.

Too much Expectations.

Don;t have too much expectations especially in the initial stage of your ecommerce business. Ecommerce business is not over night game, it takes time to shine. Think everything as on going process. Don;t expect more profit or traffic in the initial stage.

Poor web design.

Lack of professional web design. Look n feel is also important next to the quality of service. This makes the first impression into best impression. You must always look for tips to improve your website. This really builds the customer confidence on the first look. Test your site in various environments (browsers, platforms).

Failed to Interact With Visitors.

Your ecommerce site should interact friendly with the customers. It is really easy to create a colorful site but making it truly interactive is not easy task. Making more interactive keeps your customers to stay close to your online business.

Unorganized Activities.

Failing to do the activities in an organized way leads to stress and difficulties. Launching and promoting the online business will be easier to manage if the activities are organized well. Especially for order processing, product shipment and bank transactions involved in the ecommerce business.

Thinking All Works Done.

After spending time, money and making the online business to run, people thinks all works are done. But in reality, you work starts afterwards. You should attract the customers and drive more traffic to your site in order to make revenue. Don’t forget to experiment everything.

To summarize in positive direction, DON’T AVOID

  • to plan the activities,
  • to invest time to research everything
  • to do works in organized way
  • to show a professional look
  • to interactively catch customers
  • to make continuous improvement
  • to offer quality service.


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