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Earning Good Income From Affiliate Programs


You might have heard about affiliate program marketers who make thousands of dollars every month. That too without doing any work. On seeing such stories, if you are looking to earn an income from affiliate programs and expecting sudden profits then you are doing something wrong. Though affiliate program involves promoting an affiliate link and triggering a sale that looks simple. But in reality, making a conversion (product sale,taking a business service) is the hardest part of this business. About 80% of the new affiliate marketers are failing because of this reason. (they don’t know the marketing tactics to trigger a product sale).

The volume of sale (or conversion) decides the amount of income from your affiliate business. So your ultimate aim should be making good conversion. Here are the tips for making good conversion from your affiliate program (that directly earns more income).

  • The most important part of affiliate success is the affiliate program selection. Select the right product first that suites your website or business.
  • Drive more visitors to your affiliate pages. Your traffic increases the chances of affiliate conversion.
  • You could easily promote contextual products, i.e., affiliate products that are related to your website content.
  • Publish more content related to the affiliate product like How To’s, Tips, FAQ’s etc. The visitors who are reading those information may feel better to buy a product from your information rich pages.
  • Find out affiliate programs which pays more commission and select them. But don’t give away quality for high commission, quality always wins over money.
  • Place your affiliate links along with the content. Your content should go along with the product and finally it should direct the visitor to the sale page.
  • Don’t force the visitors to buy a product at any time because that hurts the readers very much.
  • Keep track of your affiliate income and find out the sources of traffic that converts more. Use the same methods to improve such high converting traffic’s.
  • Don’t mix your pages with affiliate & Ad links rigorously. Use right share of affiliate & advertisement links that works good. Otherwise, it may lead to poor performance for both affiliate & ad income.
  • Drive more targeted traffic through search engines. Statistics says, search engine traffic converts much better than other sources of traffic. Read this article on how to get targeted traffic for affiliate program promotion ?
  • Use PPC programs like Google Adwords & YPN to drive quick targeted traffic to your sale pages. This really works good in making more conversion quickly. Decide your Ad budget based on the affiliate commission and keep the cost-per-click low achieving higher Click-Through-Rate (learn to raise Adwords CTR).
  • Experiment with multiple affiliate programs. Not all kind of affiliate programs or products may fit your website. So keep on experimenting and identify the one that converts good. Most of the affiliate marketers are failing without doing an experimentation. Learn how to convert traffic into money ?
  • Make a plan to run, start affiliate business and stick to that always. Your plan should have everything from how to promote the product ? Till tracking the income. Planning makes your work simple.
  • Explore these tips to sell affiliate products online, this may help to improve your affiliate program selling strategies.
  • In reality, affiliate success takes some (not much) time and You have to execute everything in the right direction (with proper understanding or planning).

Follow these tips and for sure your affiliate program based business rocks !


  1. Wow!!! Somewhat high quality information..Im sort of trying out affiliate marketing..but easy said than done..i need to make some sort of website, just using links at mo..No luck yet..I will be reading more from here and hpoefully have some success..


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